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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hey Everyone,

Maybe one day we'll all have hair like Queen B !!!
After years of being friends with some girls who have GORGEOUS hair - I think I'll stop at nothing to finally get healthy hair. But let's be honest, it isn't easy abiding by each and every 'hair rule'. Technical I know. For most of us, the way our hair looks directly affect our confidence level, which certainly makes caring for this part of our bodies worthwhile. I love playing with my hair, trying new styles and all that jazz. But recently my hair just seems dry and blah - so these tips are LIFE SAVERS.

Whether your hair is curly, straight, something in-between or even dyed, shampoo is simply to cleanse your hair. Over shampooing MAJOR dryness, which is the number one cause of frizz and dullness (ma problemo). The solution - shampoo no more than two to three times a week max and don't use too much shampoo at a time (God I use too much shampoo!)
It's taken a rather long time for me to train my hair to only NEED washing a few times a week - so don't expect your hair to cope with the change so quickly!!!

FUN FACT : When you shampoo, it's only actually necessary to cleanse your scalp, leaving the rest of your hair and roots untouched. Shampooing strips the natural oils, causing more dryness, more frizz, no shine and the list just goes ooooooooooooooooon.

For me, this is only an issue because I love a good blow-dry. But using a blow-dryer not only fries your hair, it causes breakage which leads to those God-awful split ends. I never really use curlers or straighteners, but I just LOVE my blow-dryer. Cry. My tip - shower in the evenings if your hair won't have time to dry naturally in a morning!
I'd always recommend to use a good heat protector to prevent as much damage as possible - they aren't expensive and are gifts from the heavens!

Hot water, like any type of heat, blows up the hair's cuticle (AKA the outer layer shaft which directly effects hair growth) increases frizz, so always rinse with cooler water rather than boiling hot.
Okay, so for years I've been wrapping my hair in a towel after every shower and bath - but it actually causes MAJOR damage to your hair, it leads to frizz (as always), breakage and split ends. Instead, blot or scrunch your hair upwards to remove as much water as possible before styling.

From time-to-time changing your average comfy pillowcase into a silk one is an apparent game-changer. My friend highly recommends this, I've never used it as silk pillowcases don't seem very comfy to me! But they are certainly luxurious and it'll help your hair to reduce friction. As you're sleeping on a silky smooth surface there is barely any friction reducing the chance of breakage.

Lots of people skip trims to avoid losing a little length, but trims are your friend! They help increase hair growth since damaged ends lead to more breakages higher up your hair. If you really want your hair to grow fast, ask your stylist for something called a dusting this is a super light trim to just snip off those dead ends without having to sacrifice any length.

For me, hair products are one of the few things I refuse to skimp on. In my experience, I need a good moisturising shampoo and light conditioner - anything super cheap tends to be especially heavy on my hair - which ain't good for me!

What are your hair care tips?

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  1. Lovely post Grace! The silk pillow case is always a good idea, it's super comfortable too..