Pieces Of Advice I'm Happy I Didn't Take

Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Sometimes in life we alllll need a little helping hand. Advice from a friend, loved one or maybe someone we're not even that close with. When I know there's a big decision to be made, it's a chat with my Mum, a longggg talk with my mates or maybe just a quick Google for some advice and new perspectives to consider. Another point of view always helps me to think things over and consider every single aspect - and most of the time it actually helps me to be a little braver and choose to do something maybe I wouldn't normally push myself to do. For me, all of this is a step in the right direction.

Although a little advice can be a good pocket of inspiration, it can sometimes be the complete opposite. As someone who spend a lot of their time talking (like A LOT), I definitely get advice on things I've never needed or asked for and I think we all get our fair share of advice that is completely the opposite to my own thoughts and the thoughts of the majoriety. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's good to 'think outside the box', but sometimes it's kinda the opposite.
As I've moved through my teens and later education, I've come to know all too well that carving out your future and who you are can be VERY scary and some advice along the way is a literal gift from above, and some advice is better left...well alone...in the trash.
Sooooo here are 5 pieces of advice so far (I'm SURE there's gunna be more) I have chosen to ignore over my teenage life and the reasons why I've decided they weren't, well, the best choice pour moi.

You Can't Trust Anyone...
(duh, duh, duhhhhhh)
I feel like this is one of those cynical pieces of advice we all subconsciously learn to believe just because it's been said in SO MANY Tom Cruise films. Oh, and people always start passing it around after a beefy betrayal or heartbreak - which I understand, people can be mean and being optimistic all the time is soooo tiring. But in general, we all need to all be a little more optimistic thank you. So far in life, I've tried to see the best in people and not make them jump through hoops to gain my trust and it's not going terriblyyyy. Use your head and your heart and you'll be able to find people who deserve to be part of your life and vice versa.

Blogging Won't Get You Anywhere In Life...
I still see that look in people's faces when I share with them I have a blog. Most of the time it doesn't end well. I think people tend to believe I'm wasting my time and that it's completely unproductive and unskilled. NATURALLY I DISAGREE (duhhhh.) Blogging might not be me getting up and going to work everyday, but it's a lotttt more work than you think and it has helped me to grow creatively, emotionally and learn soooo much.

Just Cheer Up...
Possibly some of the most frustrating piece of advice I've everrrrrr been given and it's given to me allllll time time too. Seriously these people *sigh*. I know the meaning behind the words is lovely and it is supposed to offer a little smile in perhaps some low moments. But we seem to get told it sooo much that people are starting to forget that it's okay not to be okay (don't worry, I'm not going to burst into Jessie J.) Nobody is perfect and getting over sadness and anger isn't always as easy as it sounds.

No One Will Take You Seriously Doing 'Performing Arts'...
I'm not sure if you all know this about me, but I take Performing Arts as a GCSE. Essentially it's the study of musical theatre, dance, acting and music. This means that it's not the most academic subject in the world, but anyone who takes it will know the huuuuge amount of written work needed alongside the fun devising and performing. I loooove this subject and if you take Performing Arts or any other subject that isn't so academic, remember the great-big-long-list of skills these kind of subjects will teach you. If you love it - go for it.

You Should Watch Less Netflix...
Yeah I will never agree with this for as long as I live.
Not Sorry.

So just remember that even when you're in search of some help, often so-called 'words of wisdom' might not be in your best interest to follow. Always do what's right for you at the time and for your future-self. Soooooo does anyone have any good advice to share ;) ??

Lots of love,



  1. Ahhh such a cool post! good luck with your exams girl!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. Aaaaah kinda stressed about exams but thank yoooou for the lovely comment Lisa xx

  2. This is the BEST and I totally agree that people often give "well meaning" advice...but it also sucks.😂(Also I love your photos for this!) Like I was told I'd never get published and that I shouldn't read so much...rubbish advice.😂And it definitely IS important to just not be okay all the time! We should express all kinds of emotions and not repress them, right!?

    1. Aaargh thank you soooo much for the lovely comment Cait, I couldn't agree more and I literally can't wait till your book comes out!!! :0