A Love Letter To Live Music || #LetTheMusicPlay

Saturday, 12 September 2020


Once, whilst walking out of school I spoke to a girl about concerts, I’d recently seen Bruno Mars and she asked whether live music was worth the money or not. I smiled, telling her that listening to a musician over Spotify or on the radio wasn’t the same as seeing them live. Live, they were not only right in front of you, dancing wildly and sweating profusely, but there was a crowd of people enveloping you, all belting out the same four-minute song they’ve carried with them since their first listen, drowning in strobe lighting and stamping their feet until their legs are numb.

The Statement Jewellery Brand You Need To Know

Friday, 1 May 2020

*This post contains gifted items from Milk Tooth London


It's currently 9:10pm and pouring down with rain outside whilst I'm writing this. I've got The Beatles on shuffle on my phone on the other side of the room and a pile of clothes that desperately need tidying away at my elbow. But a realisation has dawned on me so I'll procrastinate tidying and write this article instead. The realisation is that statement earrings are one of my favourite things on this entire earth and I've seriously been missing them over quarantine (ridiculous I know). They add so much to an outfit and are a really easy way to display your personal style to the world and it's almost weird how much I'm missing them. This has been made even worse by the fact I recently discovered the INCREDIBLE Milk Tooth - a brand you are going to be obsessed with, especially when you see their gorgeous packaging and stunning statement earrings. Thanks to this blog, I luckily have a reason to crack out big, fancy earrings for photo shoots. So thanks for that.

Uplifting Rom-Coms To Watch Right Now

Wednesday, 15 April 2020


I have spent almost my entire life watching romantic comedies, from 'classics' like Notting Hill to the downright terrible ('Tall Girl' on Netflix I'm looking at you.) They've been a comfort blanket on sad Thursday nights when all I want to eat is toffee popcorn, and they've been the perfect way to kick off my weekends on quiet Saturday mornings. Although I could spend several hours arguing that they set unrealistic expectations for romantic relationships and often lack representation, they will always have a special place in my heart. So whether you've been aimlessly walking around your house looking for something to do, or have been rushed off your feet being an all-important key worker - grab a snack, several blankets and your favourite jumper and settle in. Here is a list of glorious rom-coms for every occasion.

Lazy Ways To Be Productive During Quarantine

Monday, 13 April 2020


When quaratine began here in England I was convinced I would not only lose my sanity but my levels of productivity would drop too. As a person who is constantly busy, the thought of schools closing and being stuck inside the house, was like a nightmare come to life. Luckily, over the past few weeks I've come to accept the change of pace and have found a rhythm and routine that helps to keep me (relatively) sane. For many, this strange time is proving to have a strain on their mental health and affect their levels of productivity, leading to a spiral of doubt and discomfort as we all wonder 'how can I be productive when all I have to motivate me is myself?' Therefore, I have decided to compile a list of ten easy-peasy ways to be lazily productive on days when boredom shows its ugly face.

5 Feminist Reads To Pick Up This Autumn

Monday, 4 November 2019

*This post contains gifted items from Rhimani


The evenings are getting dark and dreary, the air is tinged with frost and the leaves are fading to orange. Autumn has arrived here in England and the long, dark evening have finally given me the perfect excuse to wade through everything on my list on Netflix. I'm glad to inform you that I've made excellent progress with Jane The Virgin, finished Fresh Meat for the third time and have watched a hell-of-a-lot-of films. But the eerie evenings have also given me a chance to sit under a big blanket and read so much more too, so here are some of my favourite feminist reads that I've been reading and re-reading alongside my usual (fairly trashy) young adult fiction.