My Easy Everyday Skincare Routine || March 2019

Friday, 22 March 2019


I've shared plenty of posts in the past about my favourite beauty and skincare products. However I've never actually shared my everyday skincare routine with you since February 2018. Over a year later, my skincare routine's definitely changed and these products are some of my favourites. In-case you didn't know this year I'm facing some pretty important exams at school and it's important that my skincare routine can keep up with bigger under-eye bags, stress spots and increased redness; it's also massively important that my skincare routine is easy and quick, something I can do as often as possible without spending masses of time on it. So without further ado, here's my skincare routine for March 2019. (Also a bunch of exam-related posts are coming soon as exam season approaches!!)

To Kill A Kingdom: Book Review

Thursday, 21 February 2019

(all reviews are spoiler free)
'You can't win a war. Someone else just loses.'

This book was a complete whirlwind and I think if I hadn't faced a HUGE reading slump half-way through (sad times), I'm sure it could have been one of my favourites. This story is all about pirates and sirens and (rather dark) Little Mermaid retellings, and this definitely delivered. Also it was soooo witty and clever, and if there's something I can't resist it's people who sass each other to death lovingly, am I right?

Let's Talk About Feminism

Thursday, 31 January 2019



It's no secret that in society today the feminist movement receives a lot of criticism. A LOT. Whenever the topic is raised a Mexican-wave of eye-rolls, sighs and disappointed stares begins. Men, women and people of every gender have heard about the modern feminist movement - it's mentioned on our screens, in our newspapers and books, slogan tees and express artworks - feminism has a voice in every aspect of our modern society. And nobody's questioning whether that's a good thing. But the constant criticism the movement gets, the degrading image of angry female feminists and dominating media spreading messages about feminazi's are all wrong. That is not feminism. I want to try my best and explain what it is and what it means to me in this new series of blog-posts all about the f-word.

Nice To Meet You 2019 || New Year's Resolutions & Changes

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

feat. pictures of me in a range of sunglasses

Soooo in-case you hadn't realised 2019 is well underway now. Yup - a shiny-new year has begun and I thought I'd do a nice little ramble about my goals, hopes and changes I'm making this year.
2018 was a complete whirlwind and went by so quickly it's still kinda weirding me out that we're in 2019 - 2019 people!!! But ah well, here we are and I'm so excited about this year. There's so much planned, so many big-fancy-scary-life-moments to face and on top of all that I've decided to switch up my blog for this year too!

A Review Of My 2018 Bookish Goals

Monday, 31 December 2018


Hiya everyone and welcome to an all-shiny, all-sparkly new version of Grace Louise! I know an awful lot hasn't changed, but for a shiny-new year I thought I'd shake up the look of my blog and the way my blog is going to work - but I'll talk more about that in another blog-post sometime soon! You might have also realised that in the past two months I've posted once. //Sorry.\\ With all the Christmas excitement I thought I'd take a few months of to spend time with my family, friends and just chill out after I suffered through a set of hellish mock exams (oh, also if you want me to share some of my best revision tips/advice in a post let me know in the comments :).)  Buuuuttt I'm back now and speaking of a shiny-new year, I thought I'd review the bookish goals I set myself at the end of last year.
Spoiler alert: I'm not sure I did all that well.