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Thursday, 29 October 2015
Hey Guys,
Today I just wanted to do a quick blog on my favourite TV series/shows and then I have a quick announcement at the end on my new Instagram hashtags and a YouTube channel I've been loving!
So this is the list of my top 10 favourite TV series/shows, don't worry, I'll go into more details in a minute!
  1. Friends
  2. Pretty Little Liars
  3. The Great British Bake off/Sewing Bee
  4. Nowhere Boys
  5. Miranda
  6. Downton Abbey
  7. Cake Boss
  8. I'm a Celebriety Get me Out of Here
  9. Empire
  10. Strictly Come Dancing
So those are my favourite Shows and Series (well, most of them anyway)...
The Ellen Show, The X Factor and The Late Late Show with James Corden should all be on there, however I only could pick ten!

Onto the Instagram announcement!
Now usually my hashtags on Instagram are these:
To ask me a question which I may later answer in a Q&A: askbooksandbeauty
For just a general hashtag: booksandbeautygrace

But because they are so long and I really want to do a Q&A, I thought I was going to change them to this:
To ask a question: askbooks
The general hashtag, although, is staying the same!
In the Q&A I will give you a shout-out and make sure to link your own blog as I would love to see what you all like to post!

So onto this amazing YouTube channel!
Recently I discovered a YouTube channel called 'Raashi Padhiyar'! Today I just wanted to do a shout-out for her and I will be adding this channel to my YouTube page at the top!
She posts vlogs, life-style videos and she is a very down-to-earth (may I stay stylish) girl! I'm sure you'll all love her as much as I do! 
Enjoy her channel and make sure to like, comment, subscribe and share!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed and post your Instagram pictures soon, I cannot wait to answer all of your questions!

Lots of love,

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