Interior Design #1 - Any Theme?

Monday, 5 October 2015
Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to be doing my first blog on Interior Design! This is the first of a series of blogs all about creating the perfect Interior for your home...
Lets set the scene:
You have decided to re-decorate several rooms in you home after you noticed a set of rather nice fairy lights in Laura Ashley, they would never match the rest of your room however you bought them and realised it was time for a change, using the fairy lights as you centre-piece (we will talk a little bit about that later), you began to design! But you didn't know how so you came to this fantastic blog!
Step 1:
One by one we are going to be going through the steps of creating your perfect room, lets look at Step 1!

Any Theme?
Does your room have a theme, for example,
  • Black and White
  • A city or country (Paris, New York, London)...
  • A sport
  • A set of colours
  • A pattern
A theme is a super simple way of narrowing down your key decisions!
So lets explore one of these themes in more detail!
To start simply lets go for: Black and White

The first place to look for inspiration is (obviously) the internet, Google Images, Tumblr, Pinterest, all brilliant places to look!
This is a simple design with an Audrey Hepburn print, glossed cabinets, and white ceilings!
Or how about this simple pattern from Etsy, this would make an excellent wallpaper, featured rug, or even a constant pattern. By that I mean you could constantly have it in the room, repeatedly, on a lampshade, cushions, rug, bedding, flower-pot...
Or go for a statement piece like this, an optical illusion! You'd have to love it and be bold to go for it though!
Or how about something simpler, like this modern yet classic design! It is a simple way of creating style yet elegance, whilst still keeping in with these contemporary times!

I hope you enjoyed this odd blog!
I'll make sure to keep up with this series!

Lots of love,

For a quick DIY, you could find an amazing black and white print (like this) and print it out XXL, then add a black or white frame and your sorted, well you don't always need a frame!

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