The Hobbit

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to be recommending a slightly different book than usual!
Now I love this book, its is adventurous, exiting and magical! I read it in around December 2014, as I was given it for Christmas at the time and instantly began reading!
This is a book is famous and fabulous. If you don't know this story is about Bilbo Baggins and he is a hobbit (how did we know!) He is whisked away from his cosy and comfortable home by Gandalf the wizard and a band of dwarves. Bilbo soon finds himself in a dreadful plot to raid the treasure chamber of Smaug the dangerous and deadly dragon!
Now obviously, this is not on set on earth, oh no, this is set in Middle Earth! So much more exiting...
Now I have no idea how they made this book into around 3 films, because it is only 360 pages (or something similar) long! Nevertheless, it does include a lot of action so with some interesting skill you could do it, and they obviously did!
The Films - 10/10 - I seriously can not fault any of the films, they all kept me on the edge and they included everything from the books (I hate it when film to book adaptations don't include any of the details from the book!)
The Book - 9/10 - I'm sorry, but books-wise there are only around 3 books (so far) that have managed to get to 10/10!
Well I hope you enjoyed this and it made sense, I usually never do, please subscribe, like and comment as you wish! Make sure to recommend this to friends if you enjoyed and share on social media!
Lots of love,

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