Interior Design #2 - Where to buy?

Monday, 23 November 2015
Hey Guys,
So today I wanted to finally keep going with my Interior Design series.
Today I'm going to be departing 5 places you should go to find the best furniture, accessories and just general places to find great buys for the home. Now obviously, most things you can Do It Yourself (DIY) or buy from you local antiques or vintage store, if you choose this you can do your typical up-cycling, which (if you like) I can do some blogs on in the future!
So - lets get going!
1. First off - IKEA!
This is the most obvious of them all! It's a brilliant company that is the home of flat-pack furniture!
 It does a brilliant range of fairy lights, trinkets and furniture - everything you will literally ever need for your home! If you are on a budget, moving into your first place or just generally want a brilliant bargain! (Is it just me who gets exited when they find a great bargain?)
2. John Lewis
I love John Lewis (especially at Christmas)! You wouldn't necessarily think of John Lewis, when looking the furnish your home - but you really should! It does mainly accessories but it does some great displays in store too! Some products can be a little over-priced, but most are affordable and well-worth the money. They are well-made and well designed!
3. Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitter - for some of us - can be a little bit expensive... However they do some really exciting retro products that do make me smile! Most of their products are creative and different to most things you would expect to find in a normal store like this, well that's just that - there are no other shops like Urban Outfitters!
4. Etsy
Etsy is a place where you can buy and sell. It's double the fun! It's more like a sophisticated version of Ebay or Amazon. I guess it's not the most obvious place to buy big pieces of furniture, like a sofa or a cabinet. But it is a place where you can grow your business and even your blog! Some blogs (not personally this one) but some share their favourite products on there, in-turn helping them grow and expand! Simple!
5.Oliver Bonas
Oliver Bonas do a lot of different and unique pieces. Yes, they are on the more expensive side but they do some very unique pieces that are different to a lot of things you'll have seen before!

So those are my five favourite places to buy furniture!
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