The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Wednesday, 25 November 2015
Hey Guys,
Today I'm going to be doing a Christmas blog!
I'm sorry, I couldn't hold off the festive spirit any longer! I just love Christmas more than Santa Claus! 
I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love!
I've tried most of them, some I love (like the caramel and orange one) and some, well, they have a unique taste for me anyway, (like the vegan and Aztec one). I was just so excited to share this!
Personally, I strongly believe you can not do a proper winter night in without a brilliant hot chocolate!
Now everything in the picture below is optional!
You can edit them, change this, add that, sprinkle this!

SO how do you create that perfect Christmas/Winter night in?
Well you need to make sure you have the following items:
  •  A classic Christmas film on (my favourite include, It's A Wonderful Life and ELF, but I'll do another blog on the best Christmas films!)
  • Fairy lights on (either on the tree or around the room)
  • The curtains half-closed so you can still see either the snow outside (hopefully) or the stars
  • A hot chocolate (obviously...)
  • A box of Christmas chocolates (I live for quality streets!)
  • Wear comfy socks (I know Sweet Snuggles at Superdrug do a good pair!)
  • A fire on, I don't actually have a wood-burner but its just as good and produces way more heat!)
  • A comfy blanket to snuggle up in!
  • This is more of an optional one: a onesie (I do love a good Christmas onesie)!
And that's all I need! If you have any-other essentials - please comment down below!

So that's it!
I LOVED doing this blog and expect a lot more Christmassy ones!

Lot of love,

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