Thursday, 31 December 2015
Hey Guys,

Now as most of you know - I love Youtube, and there is a slightly smaller section of YouTube, that (for me) is brilliant and perfect for any book-worms!
This of course is: BookTube!
Today I'm going to be showing you my favourite BookTubers (YouTubers that only post videos about books)...

1) Abookutopia - Sasha

Abookutopia (Sasha Alsberg) is an America girl with just a camera and a bag-full of books!
She's witty, hilarious and in Emerson college! Every-time somebody asks for a good YouTuber - Sasha is one of the first ones I think of!
Sasha's also just set-up another channel, which is more here vlogging, beauty and just every-day channel!
(And may I just add - her Instagram is on flick!)
Main Channel Link: abookutopia

2) Casey-Ann Books - Casey-Ann

Casey-Ann Books (Casey-Ann (how did you know that was her name?!?)), is a brilliant YouTuber, who I found out through 'abookutopia'!
Now I know what you're thinking 'how does that work?'
Well, I was scrolling through who Sasha (abookutopia) follows on Instagram (we all act a bit like a stalker at some point...) I found Casey. Sasha had also mentioned in a previous video Casey was one of her best-friends and had a YouTube channel, and before I knew it - I was subscribed!
Main Channel link: Casey-Ann Books

3) Padfootandprongs07 - Raeleen

Raeleen (Padfootandprongs07) is a new subscription of mine and I am loving it.
Her content is original and exciting, I love each and every video!
She is so enthusiastic about books (just like me) and I think her channel is a new favourite of mine!
Main Channel Link: Padfootandprongs07

I hope you enjoyed this blog!
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