My Favourite Book Covers!

Saturday, 12 December 2015
Hey Guys,

So today I wanted to reveal to you, my top 5, favourite book covers!
Some are wacky, some are weird, some are simple, some are elegant - but they are all (in my opinion) brilliant!
Now I know that there are other covers out there, and comment down below your favourites!
But these are the 5 that first came to my mind!

So shall we begin?

1. The Hobbit!
I love this cover!
It is adventurous and sums up the book perfectly!
There are several versions of the cover for 'The Hobbit', but this is my favourite by far!
A brilliant read and a brilliant cover!
I have also done a review on 'The Hobbit' - Go take a look!: The Hobbit

2. Marked
This is a stunning cover! With the geometric shapes and faded image of lead character Zoe. The title could be made bigger (just as one tiny improvement), but otherwise a gorgeous cover!
Now I have done a review of this book (how did you guess): Marked

3. The Heir
This is my own image and I LOVE this book! I would love to do a review and hopefully will do soon!
The cover is interesting and gorgeous and it really stands out on the shelf!

4. Girl Online
This is such an interesting cover, it is cute and creative, this is something I would happily see in my bedroom and it is a wonderful sight!
I have done a semi-review of Girl Online (I guess you'll have to read it to find out what I mean): Girls, Glitter and Glam!

5. The Perks of Being A Wallflower!
This is such a simple cover that can come in red too (instead of blue) but it is beautiful and fantastic! If you're going to go simple with a book cover you have to do it right - and here - they have!

I hope you enjoyed this blog!
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