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Sunday, 20 March 2016
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Blogs are amazing things, but sometimes it can be quite difficult to find a good blog that you can really stick to reading!
So today, I thought I would recommend a few blogs to you, that I believe are those little pieces of the internet that really make you smile!
Some of them have only just started, and others have been going for a while, some have a million followers and some have 3 - but for me it's all about the content, not the number of followers or the number of years they've been posting!
Let's get going!

1. Ellyrae

Ellie is a new blogger to the scene!
She posts blogs all about, taking photos, general photography and how to take and edit photos - using apps and online!
I would definitely recommend Ellie's blog, as she is a really down-to-earth gal, who will teach you so much about creating that perfect - Instagram worthy - pic and editing it to perfection!
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2. Sprinkle of Glitter

Many of you may already know Louise (AKA Sprinkle of Glitter), from her YouTube channel - Sprinkle of Glitter!
Louise is such a lovely gal, she's gives sisterly advice, friendly chats and generally a good giggle!
Louise's book - Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter - is brilliant too and I adore it! I've read it so many times and it is filled with gorgeous pieces of advice and tips for all!
I would certainly suggest Louise's blog to anyone who's looking for a giggle and some good fun!

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3. Sophie Robinson

Sophie is our creative and colourful blogger who specialises in an Interior Design!
Sophie may be known to you because of her role as a judge on 'The Great Interior Design Challenge'.
Sophie is actually a professional Interior Designer and thanks to her blog I have been given so much inspiration for my own home and of course, this blog!
Sophie makes the world of Interior Design simple and for all to access!

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4. Inthefrow

Inthefrow is Victoria, out mid-twenties fashion expert!
Victoria's blog is modern and sleek covering everything from Food to Travel, Beauty to Fashion.
Victoria has taught me a lot about blogging, lifestyle and how to feel confident in yourself!
She also has a YouTube channel so if you like her blog you will definitely like her YouTube channel!

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5. Tanya Burr

Anybody who loves beauty, baking and a YouTube superstar - Tanya is your gal!
She's an upbeat and positive person who blogs regularly and will always put a smile on your face!
Thanks to Tanya I have learned so much about beauty, fashion and baking!
Tanya also does a lot for charity and the Global Goals, working to represent them across the internet and spread the word about what they are trying to achieve!
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6. Helen Anderson

I love Helen! She is unique and always has a smile on her face!
With a quirky and stylish sense in fashion, hair, beauty and music - Helen is you go-to gal for all of her brilliant and tips different from any other blogger!
Like most bloggers, Helen has a superb YouTube channel, which I would definitely recommend!

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For a few more blogs to check out -

Lucy and Lydia

Fleur De Force

Anna Saccone-Joly

So those are my 6 favourite blogs at the moment!
I would honestly recommend them to anybody so please follow the links!

I hope you enjoyed this post and now know (and hopefully are subscribed) to some more fabulous bloggers!
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