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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hello Guys and Gals,

We all stress about something. We all have flappy moments where we just need a hug. We all do. One other we all do is love (awww). However, because we're so wrapped up in exams, or families or even what colour you're going to paint your nails - we forget to take care of others. Now I'm not saying that you need to spend all day everyday with a person to look after them. Just give them small snippets of Kindness that will really brighten their day. It's these little moments, that may seem unimportant - but really stick with us, they remind us that there is love and kindness in the world and that you need to spread it too.
After thinking about all of this (which is quite a lot to think about really), I decided to join a website called Random Acts of Kindness a website that inspires you to do Random Acts of Kindness for other people. Last night I spent almost an hour on the website, looking for ideas and inspiration for Random Acts Of KindnessOne of the first things that the website say about them, is that you have to spread the word about what Random Acts of Kindness even are. Incase you don't know (and haven't guessed by the title) Random Acts of Kindness are where you randomly decided to do an act of kindness.
Today I wanted to inspire you all to do a Random Act of Kindness and give you some ideas of what to actually do for them!
Let's get going...

Cards are a great way to say things. Wether its Happy Birthday or Thank You, cards can say it all. But how about a card for those random little times? For the 'Thank You for being my friend' days, or for the 'Have a lovely day' times?
An easy and simple Random Act of Kindess is to write a few of these cards and give them out to people at your work, school or even leave them in and around random places. Why not put one on a seat on the Tube? Or blue-tack it to a bench?

Pay For the Car Behind
Ever since I saw Alisha Marie (YouTuber) do this in her vlogs, I've always done it! People seem to really reject this idea at first but we're all people and we all need to be a little bit more like Alisha Marie sometimes (AKA, treat other people with respect and help other people out!)
It is a little risky (especially if the order is big), but all you have to do it ask at the PAY section of the drive-thru, if you can pay for the car behind. I've never known a place not to allow this so you should be okay to do it at any drive-thru. It's always a lovely feeling when you know you've brightened someones day and doing this is the perfect way to do that!

Plant a Tree
This might be one of the more difficult ones to complete, especially if you live in a city. But planting trees aren't going to be giving instant happiness to someone, they'll be improving the planet in the long run. I know planting one tree may seem a little stupid, but soon enough it'll grow into a large tree that'll help the planet so much!

Pay for Somebody's Groceries
I've personally never done this - but it seems like a brilliant thing to do. All you have to do it look who's behind you in the queue and ask them if you could pay for their groceries. Some people may take advantage of this and go around grabbing half the store because you're paying, but most people should just smile, say thank you and have a lovely day!

(If you've ever done this - comment down below the story - I'd love to hear!)

Leave A Used Book
This is such a simple idea - I really love it!
All you have to do is to leave a used book somewhere (examples below). I would put a post-it note on the front reading a little message so that they know they can take it too. There are all sorts of places you could leave your used book :
Public Transport (like on a bus or on a tube)

Tip Big
If you've enjoyed you meal or been serviced by somebody lovely somewhere, leave them a nice big tip. It'll brighten their day (even though your pockets may be a little lighter!)

Sticky Notes of Joy
I adore these! You can grab yourself some sticky notes (usually I put some tape on the top so I know they are going to stick), write something happy and inspiring on them and stick them somewhere random. Benches, around cafe's and shops - you choose. You could write things like 'Have a lovely day', or 'You Look lovely.'
If you want you can develop this idea further and put longer letters in an envelope (maybe with some sweet treats inside too) and place them in those random little spots too!

Send a Letter
You could use this to relate to the previous one, but personally I would just write a letter. Writing letters it a lovely process and receiving one is even better. Somebody has taken time and care to write the letter, stamp it and send it to you - 'tis a wonderful feeling!

Talk to Sales Staff
Sales staff in shops don't have the most thrilling jobs, so when you get served make sure to smile and see if you can make conversation. It could be as simple as 'Have a lovely day' as you leave, or 'The weathers lovely today isn't it?'

Send an anonymous gift
It is honestly just what it says on the tin.
All you have to do is send a lovely little anonymous gift (I would go for something like flowers) to someone you know!

As you walk past someone in the street, or are served lovingly by someone in you favourite shop - SMILE! It isn't the biggest Random Act of Kindness ever but is one of those little things that can really just lift everyones moods a little!

Little Ideas:
Open the door for someone
Help somebody who's carrying a lot of things
Pay someone a compliment
Text a friend something lovely

Let someone cut in front of you in line
Place £1 (or more) in the next tip jar you see
Bring in the neighbours bins
Give someone a hug
Give your seat to an Elderly Person
Leave a nice comment on blogs/videos/posts

I really hoped you enjoyed this blog-post!
If you did make sure to:
Comment your stories of Random Acts of Kindness,
Share this blog-post (and the idea of Random Acts of Kindness) with all of your friends, and subscribe for more Books and Beauty fun!

Have a lovely day filled with Random Acts of Kindness!

Lots of love,

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