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Monday, 2 May 2016

Hello Guys and Gals,

Have you ever read a book and wondered what it would be like if the characters came to life?
If you could meet them?
Or how about if you could host a dinner party for them?
Well, in this tag the great thing is you can do all three of these things! 
For the 'Fictional Dinner Party' tag, you imagine that you are hosting a dinner party. You can invite any fictional character of your choice, however there is only room at the table for 11 guests and there are 10 different categories to be filled!
Ah - now everything's just got a whole lot harder!
Let's get going....

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook
Julian Blackthorn
Okay, so there are only one or two scenes where Julian actually cooks, but he is honestly one of my favourite fictional people - I had to invite him!
He is so lovely and in those one or two scenes where he cooks - he's actually really good at it.
If you don't know Julian is a Shadow-hunter from Cassandra Clare's The Dark Artifices series (and he also features in The Mortal Instruments too!)

2. One character who has money to fund the party
Katniss Everdeen
I know that Katniss isn't the obvious person to pick for this category, but if you think about it, Katniss did win The Hunger Games, making her a victor, and making her very rich!
I am a massive HUNGERGEEK and adore the Hunger Games, so meeting Katniss (hopefully in the form of Jennifer Lawrence) would be absolutely incredible!
(I would honestly fangirl like made!)
If you haven't realised, Katniss is from The Hunger Games trilogy, and seriously one of my favourite fictional characters! She's strong and gorgeous and hopefully would like to spend her money on dinner with some fictional friends!

3. One character who might cause a scene
James Bond
Who do I know who passionate, fiery and always has a witty comment up his sleeve?
Oh yes - the agent of all agents - Mr Bond (and you thought I was going to say Iron Man didn't you?)
I'm not the biggest James Bond fan in the world - but I can't lie it is a great book (and film) series!
Meeting Mr Bond would be amazing and let's be honest, he can be quite controversial and there is a possibility he might cause a scene!
(From the James Bond series)

4. One character who will make everyone laugh
Iron Man
Mr. Tony Stark is hilarious. 
Not in your obvious, stand-up-comedy kinda way. He's funny in that sarcastic, over-the-top kinda way (the best way in my opinion!) Mr. Stark puts a whole new spin on funny, he is the type of person who could make us all laugh without even trying! He would brighten the mood and make me smile!
Just so we're all clear, Mr. Stark is one of my favourite comic book characters from, Marvel Comics!

5. One character who is sociable
Captain America
Captain America - ah yes - Mr. sociable-caring-respectful-honest-handsome!
I've never heard of a single person who doesn't like Mr. America. I mean how can you dislike him! Please - tell me! He's that fictional character you look up to, you listen to, he makes everyone feel welcome and would include everyone in the conversation.
Although I hope a Civil War doesn't break out between him and Iron Man (do you get the reference?)
(Also from Marvel Comics)

6. One villain
President Snow
As one of my favourite villains ever, President Snow just has to come to the party!
Him and Katniss may not get along quite so well - they'd probably have to sit at opposites end of the table from each other (hehe!) I'd love to speak to him, hear his voice (he really has a great voice) and his opinions (but maybe stay away from the roses!)
He's such an interesting character who would dress brilliantly too!

7. One couple - they don't have to be romantic (but who are we kidding, of course it's going to be romantic!)
Clary & Jace
Cristina & Mark
Okay, I'm sorry to have broken the rules - but I had to pick two couples, both created by the ever wonderful Cassandra Clare!
Clary and Jace are our star couple from The Mortal Instruments and Cristina and Mark (technically not a couple - but I'm still hoping) from The Dark Artifices.
Who wouldn't want to meet Clary and Jace, I mean they are literally adorable and incredible and perfect and beautiful and (give me 5 minutes)! I honestly can't put into words how much I love these two!
Cristina and Mark aren't a couple - but we're all still here and still hoping!
Cristina is such an amazing character (and one of my favourites) and her and Mark would be legendary (and absolutely adorable!!!!)

8. One hero/heroine
Elizabeth Bennett
From the utterly brilliant Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie is our determined, beautiful and opinionated. She would probably cause an argument at some point. 
This girl seriously needs some rest after all that sassy arguing, so inviting her to this exciting, random and seriously odd dinner party - seems pretty obvious!

9. One under appreciated character
Paddington Bear
This one was kinda difficult, but I just thought of a character I loved, who lots of other people didn't love - and I thought of Paddington!
Paddington is a cute, cuddly, hilarious and funny little bear who is just generally appreciated!

10. One character of your own choosing
Ooooooooh who to choose? Who would I like to meet - apart from literally EVERYONE! There are just so many amazing characters out there.... Okay - I'm going to cheat/wimp out and choose the obvious one (for me anyway)! I think I'm going to invite....Thor!
He just seems like a generally awesome person, he's witty, clever, has some super freaky superpowers and he just seems like a really reliable and loyal friend, who I would love to meet!

I tag you all to have a go, who would you invite?
I really hoped you enjoyed this Bookish Dinner Party
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Not done reading?

Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon!
(I've gotta go jump back in to the magical world of reading!)

Lots of love,

PS - I would probably faint and fangirl in front of all of these characters (maybe apart from Paddington...)

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