15 Things To Do This Summer!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Hello Guys and Gals,

Summer! YAY!
Summer is honestly one of my favourite times of the year - you FINALLY get one ma-hoo-sive holiday for you to relax and re-charge your batteries ready for another school year! I know lots of people go on holiday during the summer - but holidays only last for something like a week (or two - hehe) meaning you have another 4 or 5 weeks at home - and those weeks can go REALLY slowly if your not careful. I mean - we all have those days when they can be a little bit of a drag - and then what happens? Oh yes my friend - you get BORED! And nobody wants to be bored in Summer!
So luckily I'm here to help you out for those days when you're bored and sitting at home NEEDING something to do!
Let's get going...

1. Spa Night
Pamper evenings, spa nights - they're so perfect aren't they?
Why not invite your friends over and have a spa night together? You can have a gossip, turn your faces green with a scary face masks, paint nails, eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and binge watch Pretty Little Liars (or Teen Wolf) on Netflix!
If you don't feel like inviting your friends round, then go solo! Spa nights are those perfect evenings where you can run yourself a bath, pop in a Lush bath bomb and switch on that Spotify playlist!
I'm (hopefully) not going to have a massive rant about spa nights (oops, too late...) As I've already written a blog called : The Perfect Pamper Evening
Where I have a lovely long chat about everything to do with spa nights and pamper evenings - and most importantly, how to have the perfect one!

2. Go to the Cinema
Here are ze steps:
1. Grab your phone and ring up one of your friends (or a whole bunch of them if you feel like it)
2. Ask them if they want to go to the cinema to watch                . (Insert movie)
3. If they say no - ring somebody else (and go back to step 1)! If they say yes - arrange times, films and how much everything will cost.
4. Go! Watch your film, hang out before (or afterwards) and enjoy!
You see - it's simple!

3. Read Some New Books
One of my friends and I always like to give each other a list of 10 books to read over the summer (a reading list if you like), complete with 3 (or more) MUST READS (one's we have to read.)
This is a great thing to do and a really simple way of keeping both ourselves occupied during the summer if we ever get a chance to read!
I'm a MASSIVE bookworm (if you didn't already know by the fact this blog is called Books&Beauty) so reading a whole new set of lovely (beautiful smelling - hehe) books, is a perfect way for me to spend my summer!

4. Try a Photography Challenge
Photography challenges are all over Pinterest and Tumblr. So make sure to go check some out - why not give some a try? These challenges are a great way to test your creative skills and really get yourself into photography is you aren't already!
All you need is some form of camera (even your phone will be fine) some form of editor if you like to edit your photos (I literally just edit mine on Instagram!) And complete the challenge, they vary and can last from 30 days to 100 days to just a week - it's your choice!

5. Sleepovers
Sleepovers are the best! There - I said it!
A night to chat, eat rubbish, put on stupid face masks and watch films with your friends - what else do you need in this world!
Planning sleepovers before-hand is always really important in the holidays as lots of people go away or visit family or just generally aren't available, so I would always check with everybody first!

6. Bake
I've recently just got back into baking, and found it's the perfect way from keeping the boredom away! The fact is that baking can actually be quite a lengthy process, meaning it's going to keep you occupied for longer!
The good thing about baking is that there are so many recipes out there and ingredients are fabulously in-expensive, meaning that you can always find something you actually want to make and 9 times out of 10 you're going to be able to find a recipe for something with the ingredients already in your kitchen!

7. Join a Fandom
Fandoms are very important to me! I'm not going to lie to you - I'm actually not in that many fandoms! You see the thing is once I've joined a fandom - I've JOINED a fandom! It becomes my life and I don't have that many lifetimes so joining a lot of fandoms is hard. My fandoms are:
Hunger Games

I would always recommend that you join a fandom - read some books, watch some films - become the fangirl/fanboy!

8. Shopping 'Til You Drop
*Really tries not to burst into Bop to The Top by Sharpay* (from High School Musical!)
I always like to save up money all summer long, until I have a lovely long splurge with my friends!
Aaaaaaah to shop with friends!

9. Disney Marathon

 Disney. Marathons.
Here are ze steps:
1. Invite friends over
2. Watch ALL of your favourite Disney Movies (I would list mine but we'd be here for EVER!)
3. Eat unhealthy food
4. Watch more fims
5. Cry at Bambi
(Okay you don't have to do the last step but you know..............)

10. Listen to some new Music
I have to be honest - creating Spotify playlists is my life!
I love it sooooooooo much and summer is the perfect time to really crack out your headphones and listen to some new music! Whether it's by the pool or in your garden, I would always recommend some headphones and a good spotify playlist (if you have wifi...hehe!)


Tick something off your bucket list
Host a Pool Party (or go to one)
Go to a concert/festival
Camp out with friends
Go On A Hike
Organise your Spotify playlists

I really hoped you enjoyed this (rather ranty) blog!
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Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon!

Lots of love,

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