Friday, 17 June 2016

Hello Guys and Gals,

Kitchens are the most expensive part of a house to re-decorate! They cost an awful lot to do-up and decorate and you honestly need a little bit of dosh to redesign the kitchen properly. As most of you know, (and have properly experienced) there comes a time in your life when you don't have a lot of money, but you do have a lovely little kitchen to do up (uni, first house, etc) None of us want to have a bland or boring kitchen, but everyone seems to think you need money to have a nice kitchen - what's up with that?
However I'm here to help you redecorate you kitchen with having to have so much money!
Let's get going...

Work with what you've got!
Assumptions are always made that you need to have new worktops and new flooring to have a new kitchen - but really, all you really need is a new colour scheme, new lighting, accessories or even new cupboards (if you can find some lovely shiny ones at a car-boot sale or in a vintage shop). Finding old things and turning them into lovely new things are brilliant! Always try and add character to your room. Lighting is a really important part to your room, and suspended lights are such a good idea and really add drama to a room too!

Lots of people shy away from painting the ceiling in a kitchen, but actually one of my favourite 'schemes' of a kitchen is to have a pale floor with dark blue walls.  Ooooooooh - fun fact: dark ceilings actually create the illusion of the room being taller! You always need to really carefully choose what's on display in your kitchen, so they don't look cluttered.

Ripping out an existing kitchen is ONLY acceptable when you: a) can justify doing it, and b) have a hideous kitchen....
There is one very important rule with kitchens though - brown in bland! Everyone seems to think that covering a kitchen in one sort of boring brown wood is a good idea - trust me - it's not!
One way to get around your already existing wood, is to apply an undercoat of paint, a second coat on-top and a lick of primer - and you're good to go!

Undercoat and primer is amazing because really, you can go put it on any surface, wood, glass, laminate etc. And the best thing is - you don't need any prep for it! It dries really quickly and then you're ready with your top coat.

The next thing I would do is go around B&Q (or wherever you buy wallpaper) and grab a LOAD of wallpaper samples, then come home and create a quirky patchwork pattern. If you don't have wallpaper then I would use a collection of wrapping papers and seal them both with three coats of a matt clear varnish.

Next I would go on a lovely hunt to find some in-expensive vintage handles and update your old ones and grab some chairs in a car-boot sale (mix and matching them really isn't always a bad idea). If you can get yourself a cheap table too - great! Sand it down and add your own licks of paint to match the rest of your kitchen (or dining room!)

Worktops are definitely the most expensive part of a kitchen, and hopefully the part of a kitchen you should really invest in - invest for the best!
For laminiate is something that is a really good idea - and one of the best things about worktops it to have a straight edge. But one of the musts of a kitchen is to use a raw material!!!!
Oh - I would also avoid shiny white surfaces - I think we know why!

Okay, just a quick not on wall-papered fridges. Yes - WALLPAPERED FRIDGES!
Remember they only work when you want to hide a fridge, conceal don't feel *trying not to burst into Frozen*. I would always try this if you think it's best for you!

I hoped you enjoyed this lovely ranty blog-post!
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Lots of love,

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