Top 5 KICK-BUTT Female Characters

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

 Hello Guys and Gals,

Fictional heroins are on the rise! As more and more YA books are being published, I find myself reading more and more about female heroins taking all of these fictional worlds by storm! Oh yes, today I get the wonderful opportunity to have a lovely long rant about some of my favourite amazing (and very sassy), fictional female characters!
Now before we begin, I do of course have to mention how HARD it actually was to narrow this list down! I mean, I would have happily had this list be one-thousand characters long, but you know, it just made more sense if I narrowed it down a little bit! Luckily for us, there are so many inspirational, kick-ass women out there in the fictional world! I am always happy when I see a strong female character in any form, gracing the pages of any book, no matter what their shape, size or origin; these women are all different in their own way and personally, stick out to me for all different reasons! So today, I wanted to celebrate that wonderful fact and create a lovely list for you of some of my favourite kick-butt female characters!


Okay, how could I make this list and not include Katniss Everdeen? Katniss has clearly gone through SO much in her life and has faced SO many struggles, however she comes through it all so brilliantly. She's not the person who sits in the corner and waits for the prince to save her, she goes ahead and saves herself and that's really what I love! Katniss is one of those people that is mentally and physically bad-ass, she can fight, but she always goes into a fight with a plan and with a strategy!
I mean she shoots and arrow through a group of officials before her 1st Hunger Games had even begun? What more do you want from her?


Now I obviously HAD to choose a female character from a Cassandra Clare series, and this one was seriously difficults - Cassandra always writes really sassy characters! But in the end, I of course went with Clary! She is just so normal and so quietly kick-butt, I feel like she deserves so much to be on this list! Clary doesn't mind letting somebody else take the spotlight, but she knows when she needs to speak up too - now that my friends, is a good balance!


Mare. Where do I even begin with Mare?
She is so powerful and strong without being too...ya know - in your face? She really REALLY cares about the people close to her and is just one of those characters you want to put on a wall and stick a halo around their head! No just me? Okay....moving on.........


Cassie is just one of those characters whose got it all. But she doesn't even know she's got it all. Cassie doesn't think she can get the guy, or that she has the best looks, and she certainly doesn't have any special powers. But she knows she will find her brother and she will survive - which is always good isn't it? Cassie is one of those characters you just know that even if she doesn't end up with the guy, or ends up losing people she loves, she will keep going and never give up (too emotional? I'll stop...)


I honestly can not make this list without mentioning Hermione.
Hermione is literally just one of those characters I've always looked up too. I mean she's smart, funny, and can we quite reserved at times, but will always speak her mind, and will always pursue what's right. She's prepared and knows things and is just a character who is like - perfect!

I know that there are so many more characters which I didn't get a chance to mention, so make sure to comment all of them down below - I mean I'm probably going to have to make another one of these purely because there are so many to get through!
Anyway, those were the ones that sprung to mind and I hoped you enjoyed my little rant!

Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

Lots of love,

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