How to Get That Summer Glow

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Hello Guys and Gals,

Summer is literally incredible. These I said it.
Now if you're as obsessed with Pinterest as I am, you'll know that Pinterest has definitely got Summer covered! And one thing that Pinterest always loves to ramble on about, is how to get that perfect Summer glow!
Okay, so I've read A LOT of blog-posts and articles giving me all different pieces of advice on 'how to get that Summer glow', so today I decided it would be a good time to break it down for you and give you guys a complete guide on how to get that Summer glow!
Let's get going...

1. Sun
Okay, so the sun is probably your best bet at a brilliant Summer glow - but it is incredibly important to stay safe in the sun, in my experience I go for around 20 minutes without suncream, and then it's really important that you plop on some sunscreen!

2. Swimming
Another absolutely BRILLIANT way to get that perfect glow from the sun is of course, swimming! Going on holiday (or generally somewhere sunny) and spending all day every day in the pool will honestly give you the most fantastic glow, but as always - sun cream and protection! Burning is painful and really, really not fun!
Tan sensibly people - tan sensibly!

3. Moisturise
Trust me my friends - your skin may feel greasy in the sun, but if you don't moisturise - it ain't gonna end well! You need to moisturise at all times - even when your skin is ridiculously greasy - moisturise!
You'll thank me later...

4. Stay Hydrated
Water is your best friend, especially in hot countries, especially in Summer!
Water is basically the key to everything: good skin; a healthy, summery glow; general good health - water quite literally has it all! Wherever you go, wherever you travel, I would always bring a bottle of water with you - dehydration is NOT fun!

5. Stay Cool (Sometimes!)
If you're hot and sweaty and have lovely sweat pouring off of your face - you're really not going to have that Summer glow are you?
So I would always recommend staying cool, a crisp bottle of water, a hand-held fan (gotta love those hand-held fans - they fit so well in my bag!)
Now you're obviously going to get hot from time to time - I mean it is Summer people, but just remember to stay cool (when you can) and you'll be good!

6. Avoid Makeup
I'm not going to go deep into the whole 'makeup gives you spots' things, just know that makeup gives you spots! So avoid the makeup in Summer - avoid the spots. How simple, is that?

So I hope you enjoyed this blog-post!
What are your plans for the Summer?
Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

Lots of love,

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