Lazy Girl Struggles

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Hello Guys and Gals,

We all have those time when we're lazy - like seriously lazy!
So today I thought I would celebrate that fact and have little chat with you about those struggles we face on those lazy days - I think this is the most relatable post EVER!
This isn't really my usual bog-post so make sure to let me know if you like this type of post!
So I hope you enjoy this blog-post all about those beauty stuggles ALL lazy girls know to be true!
Let's get going...

1. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is your best friend. Dry shampoo is your one true love. End of story.
It is also legitimate proof that God exists.

2. Washing Your Hair
Why does it take so long? Why is it SO hard?
Thank God for Top-Knots - without them I think dry shampoo would be sold out - all the time, everywhere! 
The struggle is real.

3. Tanning
Underneath your clothes is the craziest patch-work of different fake tan shades. Even if you don't fake tan you always forget to turn over and end up with the craziest two-tone tan - whoops....
If you do fake tan, your arms, face neck (and maybe legs) will look like you've just spent two weeks in St Tropez, whilst the rest of your body looks scarily pale - sounds familiar?

4. Skincare Routine
Face wipes, always, always, face wipes.
Yeah we know taking care of your skin is important, but so is lying in bed and binge watching YouTube. Priorities my friends.

5. Eye cream
Eye cream? When would you ever use eye cream? Pffffffft...

6. Face masks
Moisturiser when you're feeling fancy, face masks with friends - when somebody else can do it for you. I mean that take. So. Long....
Life is so hard.

7. Shaving
Wack on some tights - you'll be fiiiiine!
If this isn't possible and you still want to wear ripped skinny jeans, go for shaving your knees - easy peasy!

8. Curling your hair
This either goes two ways:
A few curls in the front and deadly straight in the back
One curl - give up.

9. Facials?
What is a facial? It sounds soooooo long...
I could look it up on Pinterest - but that would mean reading and clicking several buttons - naaaah, I'll pass.

10. Applying Makeup
Every. Single. Day.
I love the weekend - oh and 'No makeup Tuesday!'

11. Eyebrows
Bushy eyebrows are in right? No? But they're so painful to pluck! And too painful to wax!
Why God why? I think we just all need to accept we can't all have Cara Delevinge eyebrows....

12. Sleeping in Makeup
My pillowcases hate me. So does my skin. And my mascara. OH WELL.

13. Chipped nail polish
Why bother? You put it on, wait an hour, it gets chipped, then you just have to take it off!
Clear nail polish my friends! Clear nail polish!
I mean, it's like when people talke about base coats - pfffffft hahaha base coats! Oh gosh that's just too funny!

I hoped you enjoyed this lovely little ramble!
Which one do you relate to most?
Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

Stay Lazy!!!

Lots of love,

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