8 Ways To Avoid Greasy Hair

Monday, 22 August 2016

Hey Everyone,

I know that having to wash your hair every day because of the eternal grease that's always there, is unbearable, but getting to the root of the problem (everybody witnesses the joke?) is honestly the only way you're ever going to solve the greasy hair! So today I thought I would share my wisdom with you all and show you 8 ways to avoids greasy hair!
Let's get going...

This one makes perfect sense.
So you wash your hair to get rid of the grease, but washing it - doesn't always help. Let's get scientific: It's a proven fact that daily shampooing your hair can strip your scalp of all its lovely natural oils - so it decides to replace them by producing more. (Basically washing your hair every day is making your hair greasy!?) Try to gradually cut back on washing your hair to every-other-day at least. For the perfectly clean scalp, you should only wash your hair 3 times a week!

Conditioner should come with a warning.
Conditioner is actually a really technical thing, you need the right conditioner for your hair type, and you need to wash out the conditioner properly. Using conditioner is (of course) a must, but as long as you follow my simple rules for using the stuff, you should be okay and (maybe) grease free:
1. Find the right conditioner, more than half of woman use the wrong conditioner, weighing down their hair and basically ruining it.
2. Take your time to wash it out, if you don't the grease will come!
3. Avoid putting conditioner all over your hair, focus on the ends.
If you follow my rules you should avoid oily roots and lank lengths!

Impressive Scientific bit: Brushing your hair too much can stimulate oil production, which at first may look glossy, but soon will just be greasy. Again, to keeping a healthy brush-to-hair relationship and you should be okay! Trust me - your hair will thank you in the long run!

One thing we all know not to do it to touch our face often, why? Because your fingers are going to transfer oil onto your face and ruin your lovely skin. And funelly enough, your hair is exactly the same - if you spend all day every day fiddling with your hair, don't blame me when your locks are lookin' greasy!

Your hairbrush - is not a clean place. It can harbour all sorts of nasties, and a clogged brush (full of your styling products, of course) is going to transfer all of the 'stuff' onto your hair, and the what happens? Your hair feels dirty, you look in the mirror - you go get a baseball cap!
Make sure yours is cleaned properly on a regular basis.

A hairy brush might not seem like a greasy culprit, but if your hair is greasy, by using a brush full of your hair, you're only going to be transferring grease from old stands onto new ones.  Go clean you brush honey.

I think we've confirmed that your hair/brush gets clogged up a lot, but do you know one MORE thing that clogs it up? Oh, yes - product. If you're a dry shampoo junkie, try using a clarifying shampoo a few times a month, or something designed to exfoliate the scalp. Exfoliating is the gateway to perfectly healthy hair, after all!

Styling products may tell you they're your best friend - they're not.
Once again try and go for products that work with your hair type (I'm too lazy to type out compatible, okay I just did...) Go for lightweight formulas and avoid ones that give you false hope about things like 'moisture' and 'shine', unless your hair is dry - then go for them! (I'm so sorry for those who have greasy roots and dry ends!)

I hope you enjoyed this blog post?
What's your favourite hairstyle? What's your favourite shampoo?
Have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon...

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