Monday, 29 August 2016

Hey everyone,

Today is a day I've been waiting for for a very long time.
Today I'm starting a new series, not about Beauty or Books, not about Interior Design or Fashion, but about you and me and maybe even a little bit about the world we live in. This series is all about our society and our opinions, how we see each other and why that matters - it's gonna get deep!

This series is titled #GirlLove and is (as you might have guessed) it's all about girls and how we view each other. We're gonna be talking about all of the lovely girly issues we face and how these can help/affect us day-to-day. I'm a very opinionated person and that means that these bog-posts are going to be just that - opinionated, so be careful!

Most of you are heading back to school in the coming weeks, and some of you may already be there, so I decided to create this series just in time for that. We can all feel a little vulnerable and stressed heading back to school, so it seemed like a good time to share with you some of my key tips in dealing with that!

At the end of every blog post in this series, you will find a challenge. Don't worry - it's nothing major, just a small challenge to improve your day (and maybe even somebody else's?) Something I want you to do is contact me telling me what you did to complete the challenge!

We're going to be talking about everything from periods to body-confidence, to even the Kardashians. I want you to walk away from each blog post feeling a little better about yourself and your situation, feeling a little better about your day and the society we live in - sound good?

The message is simple - love everybody and treat everyone how you would want to be treated.  (Aww.) I'm no guru or expert, but I would like to pass on my advice to you guys and together maybe we can improve the world that little bit more! (Awww.)

I hope you enjoyed the first (and very short) instalment for #GirlLove.
Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

Your challenge: Complement someone today.

Lots of love,

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  1. Great idea! I'm looking forward to your post in this series.