How to Get Ready for School Faster

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hey Everyone,

School starts tomorrow (for me.) *Takes deep breath.*
Oh yes, I go back to school tomorrow and as we all know - getting up for school isn't easy! everyone has struggled with getting ready in time for school at least once, and even if you're not a regular offender - it can still happen to the best of us! Today I decided to share with you all my simple and easy ways to get ready for school faster!
Let's get going...

Clear nail polish - is a life saver! At a lot of schools (including mine) we aren't strictly allowed nail polish, but if you put on just one coat of clear nail polish you'll have lovely shining nails, whilst still being natural enough to be allowed in school (the teachers won't even notice!) One brilliant thing is that you won't be able to tell when it's chipped so you won't be constantly re-applying it in a morning, and wasting oh-so-precious time!

If the space where you get organised is perfectly organised and tidy it'll be way easier to find all of your bits-and-bobs for the morning and you'll save time. I like to keep one of the top draws in my vanity unit (AKA bedside table ... hehe) filled with everything I need in a morning (skincare, makeup etc) so accessing them is perfectly easy and I'm not spending hours desperately trying to find them!

Getting a solid morning routine is actually going to help you save time, how you may ask?
Well, if you know what you're doing and know when you're doing them, it's going to save time, you're not going to be running around thinking about what to do, solid!

If you're running out of time but still want a solid makeup routine, I have two options for you:
1. Run around slapping product badly onto your face because you desperately want to get it on there
2. Apply a few products perfectly e.g
Concealer   Powder   Mascara   Lipgloss (or a tinted lip-balm)
And if you have some spare time brush through your eyebrows and bronze your face too!

Here's some of my faves...

(Miss Sporty Perfect Stay Concealer - Collection Pressed Powder - Natural Collection Mascara (excellent for long flutterly lashes) - Miss Sporty InstaGlow Bronzer (Sunny Brunette is excellent for contouring if you are fair) - Revolution Blushing Hearts Peachy Pink Kisses (the top shade is excellent for a bright highlight!)

I would really recommend getting a go-to hairstyle, something that is super easy and simple for your skill-set and something you can do anywhere. So on the bus, in the car, whilst you're walking to school, so if you are late your hair isn't going to suffer! My top three hairstyles for school would be: a ponytail, (pull the front pieces of your hair forwards so they frame your face), plaits (super simple) and literally just putting a pin in one side of my hair, go for a simple pin and frame your face!

The night before make sure you bag is packed, your clothes are picked and ready, your makeup is all set up ready to be applied. Doing these simple things are going to save you time and keep you perfectly organised for the next morning so you save time in turn! Yay!

I hope you enjoyed this blog-post!
If you are already at school or are heading back soon - good luck! Enjoy it and have a lovely time!
What are your hacks for getting ready faster in the morning? What's your favourite thing about the morning?
Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

Lots of love,

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  1. Every time I see anything back to school related I always remember that pit I felt in my stomach the day before going back. Such a horrible feeling! Hahaha xx