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Friday, 16 September 2016

Hey Everyone,

For some of us, being organised is a daily struggle, and for others of us - it's a complete doddle! But either way, I thought I would make the ultimate organisation guide that EVERYONE can use. Now I didn't want to ramble on about every-single-little-detail to do with organisation, so I thought I would chunk it all into 10 (ish) top tips - aren't I smart?
Let's get going...

Calendars are such little and simple things - but oh my, they make the difference. There are so many options with calendars too, so make sure to have fun with it! You could go for a digital one, a wall calendar (you know one of those huge things that go up on your wall), a DIY organiser that lives in your room (mine is inspired by one by LaurDIY), a pocket one (super cute) or a regular-sized A5 one that never leaves you bag! If you do choose to go for a paper one, make sure to also set reminders going on your phones or whot-nots so if you do forget to write something down you'll get a helpful notification to help you out!

One thing that always bothers me later is when I haven't put something away after I've finished with it, because in the long run, it's just all going to pile up and I'm gonna have to spend my time tryin' to tidy it all away again! So, please, just make sure that after you've read that book, or sprayed that perfume, or done that homework - that everything goes back in it's beautiful place. Thank you.

Use your phone! If you have homework due on monday, set yourself a few reminders: 1. That you need to do it 2. That you need to bring it in on Monday. Give yourself reminders and updates and all of those lovely things that are going to keep you organised - even something as simple as organising your apps (anybody else do this) will make you feel that little bit more organised! Making some quick notes on your phone will save you - promise! Yay!

I'm not gonna lie, I would consider myself a pretty organised person - but when it comes to emails, I am a failure! Right now I have over 100 emails in my inbox - unopened. But (ignoring that) you have to trust me, if you take time everyday to read and reply to emails (even if hat means unsubscribing to websites) your inbox is going to be beautiful! It's a small thing but something that is going to give your whole life that little bit more of an organised feel!
How Often? Just spend a few minutes every day, or every few days, looking and checking through those emails.

Always keep your workspace as tidy as possible. There shouldn't be any clutter, and guys - it works. Recently I de-clutered my desk and organised it all and it look beu-ti-ful. Even if t means tidying your bedroom, or your desk, or your office, tidy any room where you spend a lot of time or work. It's just going to keep YOU feeling organised and your spaces looking organised. (Plus you'll actually know where everything is!) Make sure to also keep
How Often?  I would recommend you tidy up everyday, so for me I just spend something like 5-10 minimum everyday going 'round and tidying up, I'm even starting to enjoy it!

As we all may know - routines can be a little boring, and I'm certainly one of those people who has to change up their routine, All. The. Time.
But the fact is - there are routines there, and they are set for the start and end of the day. I know what I'm doing, I do it and I never waste time, (so she says... hehe) If you are one of those people who doesn't like routines, make sure to change it up all the time to keep it interesting and keep it fun - don't bore yourself!

If you make (and follow) lists, you're going to immediately be more organised. Lists really help you to prioritise what you need to do, and get them done. I am a complete list junkie, and as long as you don't let them control your life (a surprisingly hard thing to do - hehe) you'll become addicted!! Notebooks are my best friend, and I feel like I have a sub-concious collection going, make sure to get you a notepad or notebook for all of your lovely lists. Lists always give you something to do as-well, so your not sat at home bored, you're looking at everything that you need to do for that day, week, month, year and getting it done!

Drawers (and shelves actually) are literally the best things ever. Drawers help hide and organise things in a (hopefully) stylish way, shelves help display everything in a stylish way; and my tip? Is to use both. They are going to help you stay organised like you wouldn't believe and are going to be ridiculously helpful in you every-day life! I would really recommend getting some daw-seperater-things (technical - I know) from somewhere like IKEA, or Muji, or Amazon or wherever you get them from! They help to organise and separate off little bits for your draw - it's like creating a draw inside a draw. Mind blown.

It may sound a little bit sad at first, but buying yourself a labeller or investing in some post-it notes (shaped like arrows (of course,)) is totally worth it. Just go 'round and label all of your draws and jars and bits-and-bobs that have been dying to have a label for whatever reason. I don't love labels that much - maybe I just remember where things go well enough - but it is a worthwhile thing and can also help add some colour and 'fun' to whatever your labelling - I think...

Make sure to keep all of your essentials with you. Now when I say essentials, I mean essentials, so not 300 beauty products or 400 pairs of sunglasses, I mean the essential essentials. K? Your phone, your purse, everything that you find yourself reaching for ALL THE TIME. Now don't do that thing where you put your essentials in your bag and totally forget about them (we all do it don't we), make sure to keep them with you - know where they are and make sure to keep them organised.

I totally forget - but keep your handbag tidy too! Tidy handbag, tidy life!

I hope you enjoyed this blog-post!
What are your organisation hacks? Are you an organised person or a scatter-brain?
Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

Lots of love,


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