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Monday, 19 September 2016

Hey Everyone,

Today's the day, oh yes my friends. Today is the day we talk about Periods!
Nowadays you're hopefully taught enough about periods to help you cope, but let's be honest - are you gonna listen to your really old English teacher in a classroom full of girls? I don't think so! So today I thought I would cover EVERYTHING on the subject, hopefully in-the-end creating our ultimate survival guide (if ya like!) (Part 2 coming soon because it was going to be so long other-wise!)
Let's get going...

What is a period?
Your period is basically something called the 'menstrual cycle' - which is basically your reproduction cycle. So basically I'm hoping your school or family or friends have told you about the science behind periods, because I'm not too much of an expert - but here we go...
So every month (ish) an egg is released from one of your ovaries and the egg is either fertilised and becomes a baby (if it meets a sperm), or in most cases the egg is broken down and the womb lining created by your body is shed - you bleed (the blood is the womb lining) - boom helloooooo period. Keeping up so far?
So this whole cycle lasts around 28 days, but it can vary (from around 21-35 days). 
Fun Fact : Your cycle is most irregular when you're younger so that's why your periods are more irregular - in-turn freaking you out that little bit more when you start your period!

How Long Do The Last?
Periods usually last about 3-5 days on average, but really they can last anywhere from 2-7 days. If they're any shorter or any longer, consult mothers, sisters, friends and doctors. It is probably normal to have them between the 2-7 days (especially when you're younger) so don't panic!

What happens to my body after I've finished my period? (Does anybody REALLY ask that question?)
So after you've finished your period your body will starting producing a hormone called oestrogen (I spelt it right!) Oestrogen basically is the main hormone produced during puberty. That's pretty much it.

WHAT DO I USE ON MY PERIOD? (Very important question!)
So one really important thing to do on your period is to wear protection. This basically ensures that when you bleed the blood doesn't go literally everywhere - which would be very bad indeed.

Sanitary towels are the most common thing used and if your teacher or mum or sister has not shown you a sanitary towel and you have never seen one before, I would hold one up to show you - but I can't, so I'll link a link (haha) to Emma Blackery's video on periods where she shows you how each item works.
So sanitary towels come in small little packets and basically are little pads that fit nicely into your underwear. If you have heavy periods, or are moving around a lot, you'll want to use larger ones (or if you can't get hold of larger ones) nigh-pads.
Sanitary towels are super-cheap, and you can buy them primarily at supermarkets and places like that.
I would also recommend getting winged ones as they're perfect for added protection! They're also super small and will fit in your bag very nicely!
Important things to know:
1. Do not flush them down toilets, in pretty much all female toilets everywhere there should be a little bin to dispose of them in
2. Change them reasonably frequently (depending on how heavy your period is), if it's super heavy change them every hour, if it's not two hours or hour and a half (two hours might be your maximum).
3. If you have a very heavy period and don't have nigh-pads, use two regular ones - place one at the front and ovelap a second to reach at the back of your underwear. This ensures better protection basically.
4) Use these if you have just started your period (Glad we got that sorted!)

Don't be scared - you'll be fine.
So sanitary towels (again) come in small, compact little packets so you're not going to have to leave half your bag free, they only take up a tiny amount of space. Not gonna lie, I'm not entirely sure if they come in different sizes, but if they do (again) use your larger ones for heavier periods or night-time just in case!
Tampons can be purchased at supermarkets and places like that, you might not see as many of them on the shelf because sanitary towels are lot more popular than tampons.
Important things to know:
1) I would recommend plastic applicators instead of cardboard ones for extra comfort (they might be a few pence more (literally just a few pence) but I'm all about dat comfort!)
2) They aren't the best for heavier periods, I would stick with sanitary towels for night-time and heavier periods !
3) DO NOT KEEP YOUR TAMPON IN FOR LONGER THAN 8 HOURS - if you do you can get all sorts of horrible diseases and permanently damage your body, it can also give your blood poisoning and it may be fatal also - just don't keep them in there for too long and you'll be fine! Now when I mean too long I mean longer than 8 HOURS - which is a bit stupid, so you'll all be fine, just change them regularly.

Now if you know a lot about periods you will also know about something called a moon cup, which Emma talks about in her video, but I didn't think it really needed talking about here as I don't think it's right if I talk about them when I have zilch experience with one and I don't know that much either so I really don't want to give you any false information - glad we got that sorted :)

Pain on periods?
Now if you've ever been on your period you may have asked the question:
Yes, pain on your period isn't funny but if you hold up and wait until I post part 2 of this, I'm gonna give you some excellent tips o how to deal with the pain and maybe even how to make it not so painful anymore! Yay!
Fun Facts: Giving birth is something like have a hell of a lot of periods at once (pain wise)! That was such a FUN fact right?!
Now with most things, not everyone will experiance pain on their period, and it might not always be consistent. Some periods you might have REALLY bad cramps, other days you might not feel anything. Either way - stay tuned (cheeky self-promo there!)

If you've ever been on your period, you'll know that your emotions hit the roof. Some days your happy, some days your in tears for no apparent reason - during your period your body basically produces more hormones than ever - fun right? (Sarcasm detected!)
Not everyone is going to be wildly emotional on their period, some periods you'll be fine and the next you'll be crazy. I should probably say something funny now right?

Now I know I didn't cover EVERYTHING on periods - but that's why a Part 2 will be coming soon! So stay tuned for that!
I hope you enjoyed this blog-post (if you could have 'enjoyed it'???!!!!)
Have a lovely day and I'll see you soon...

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