Dealing With Down Days

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hey Everyone,

I'm 99.876% sure that everyone in their lifetime has felt sad. We've all been through something that has hurt us, whether it's watching Titanic for the first time or running out of chocolate. There's guaranteed to have been SOMETHING that has upset you in your lifetime.
And thank God there had because you know what that means? It means you're a real human bean with real feeling and a whole lot-a-heart. Being sad isn't fun, and it isn't what we want to feel, but it happens and there are ways to embrace being sad. Surprisingly there are ACTUAL perks to being sad. Who'da guessed it?

Human beans cry. There's nothing wrong with it - I do it all the time! Crying is the No. #1 way of releasing all of those emotions you just want to let go. (Thinking about it, eating chocolate does that too - but cry first, chocolate later...hehe).

Drink Tea
I'm not a MASSIVE tea drinker, but grabbing a cup of my favourite hot drink (Hot Chocolate - of course) is 100% necessary on days you are feeling sad.

Wear a big jumper
Wearing a big fluffy jumper, some cozy socks and PJ's bottoms (or leggings) is a must-have for sad days. Comfy clothes with make you feel that little bit better if you want to embrace the sadness - something I would recommend doing. If you don't you'll push it to one side and end up going mad. You don't want to go mad *insert cute smiley emoji.*

Clean and Tidy your room
I don't know about you, but I always feel a little better once m environment is all cozy and tidy and lovely.

Go for a walk
Go for a walk, clear your head, chill out. Everything will be okay. I promise.

The great thing about cooking and baking is that the process of making something is amazing and once you're all done you get to eat something yummy. What more do you want?

Watch films (happy or sad - whatever your preference)
For sad days I would recommend Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Pitch Perfect and any other favourite films (a marathon of the Hobbit series is always a good idea...)

Hang fairy lights around your bedroom and leave them on for as long as you like (or until their batteries run out)
Fairy lights always make me feel better, I'm tempted at least 50 times a day to go into the Christmas box of decorations and steal all of the fairy lights. No joke.

Call a friend
Friends are the BEST remedy for feeling better. Call them up, invite them round, have a rant to them and you're already feeling WAY better!

Pin you favourite things on Pinterest
Pinterest is a God-send, so whenever I'm feeling down, Pinterest is the app to click on.

Sleep on a pile of blankets
I would also strongly recommend building a den. Gotta love dens.

Paint/Draw (or make something)
If you're not an especially arty person, sew or bake or DIY or create something that you love.

Light a candle (or two)
Candles instantly make a room feel like a cozy - happy space. Go getcha-self some candles my friends.

Read a good book
Books are incredible things, and reading a book when you're feeling down is a fabulous idea, darling.

Listen to music
Music is a really popular escape, find (or make) a playlist on Spotify, YouTube, wherever you want. Listen to it as much or as little as you like. Your life, your choice. Yay!

Hugs are the best things. Hug your mother and your sister and your brother and your friends and your family and your cushions and your bar of chocolate - hugs!!

Watch Winnie-The-Pooh
Winnie-The-Pooh is a legend. A complete legend. Nobody will ever come close to being as much of a legend as Pooh-Bear is. We're old friends.

Buy flowers
I find it so weird how people hate buying themselves flowers. What's wrong with it? I buy myself flowers and it makes me feel lovely, go, but flowers, make your room fresher and prettier with your favourite flowers.

Remember there is always cupcakes
This is just a general rule for life really.

Create a 'Happy Jar'.
On days you are putting happy put some money in your excellently decorated jar and spend it on the days you are feeling sad. Simple. (I would recommend spending it on Books, Fairy Lights and Baking ingredients.)

I hope on your next down day, you'll be okay. I promise you'll get through whatever you're going through and one day remembering to smile and be your crazy, happy self will become as easy as being sad used to be.
*Sending millions of hugs to you all*

Lots of love,

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