Halloween Treats

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hey Everyone,

Halloween is fast approaching and for those of us hosting SPOOKY Halloween parties this year, our guests are going to need some yummy (but also TERRIFYING) treats to keep them happy.
After having a little too much fun on Pinterest I've gathered some of my favourite Halloween designs (mainly cupcake based - of course, have you met me?) and decided to share the easiest way to create the super SCARY designs. Sound good? 
Let's get going...

Just make some delicious chocolate cupcakes, pipe a simple 'swirl' design on top and finish with a SCARY mouth and eyes (you could use raisins, chocolate...)
Yum Yum.

Top Left - (Repeat steps listed above)

Bottom Left - Pipe a simple 'swirl design'
Then create some TERRIFYING leg-things with royal/fondant icing
Place the leg-things into the icing and add an eye on top to complete the design

Centre Right - (This is my favourite one!)
Pipe sharp, small peaks of icing across the top of the cupcake
Create small eyes with royal/fondant icing and for the pupil use chocolate or raisins (or black fondant/royal icing)!
Yum. Yum.

This may look complicated - but trust me they're not.
Using a flat nozzle (like a little rectangle shape) on your piping bag and pipe your green icing into the typical 'peak shape'
Using a knife, cut off the top of the peak so you have a flat Frankenstein head.
Add facial features, a Reece's Cup and any other decorations you choose to create your SPOOKY Frankenstein cupcake.
Yum Yum.

The method is similar to that of the Frankenstein cupcake above, however this time pipe small peaks of black 'hair' onto your green base. Finish it off with some cute facial features and...
Yum Yum.

Using a flat nozzles cover the top of your cupcake with orange icing. Next, grab a teaspoon to add some texture to the base of your pumpkin.
You can make the eyes and mouth (any shape you like) using fondant icing (or some form of 3D icing, you could also use royal icing.)
Use sweets or anything else you like for the stalk and leaf of the pumpkin.
Yum Yum.

OMG - something that's not a cupcake...
Oh yes - look at me down' a cookie - so proud. For this one cover the cookies in plain white icing - wait for it to dy....wait....wait.
G nuts 'throwing' red icing over them, simple and SPOOKY.
Yum Yum indeed.

To start, pipe a pretty peak of green icing. 
Next create small 'feet' using icing. 
For the legs, personally, I would cheat and use a bit of a stripy straw for the legs.
Finish with a few black balls.
Yum Yum.

Last but not least...
Start by having some fun with the orange icing, creating as many pretty patter s as you'd like (for the one in the image I'd go for a flat nozzle!)
Next carefully create the witches hat. I would do this in 3 section. First the ring at the bottom, which I would place on first. Then make the main section of the hat, (the peak thing - technical I know) which would you place on top of the rim. Finish with an orange bow.
I would only do this if you think you can do the witches hat and have patience!
Yum Yum.

What are your Halloween plans?
I hope you enjoyed this SCARY blog-post(it was terrifying wasn't it!?!)

Lots of love,

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