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Thursday, 6 October 2016

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In fashion, the phrase Style Icon is talked about all the time, and can lose it's sense of importance if you're not careful. But one women who is a true reminder to us what it means to be truly worthy of the Style Icon title. Utterly graceful, perfectly elegant and stunningly chic, the late, great Belgian-born star left a legacy on the world that continues to inspire us every single day today.
Needless to explain many of Audrey's moments were seen in Hollywood Hits such as the classic, My Fair Lady and Breakfast at Tiffany's. (Two of my favourite films - no lie!)
Tell you what, why don't we revisit some of her most memorable fashion film endeavours. We'll be looking at some of her best movies, their looks and how she created them!
Let's get going...

Why Is She An Icon?
This is the question I think a lot of you are thinking about. But really, why IS Audrey Hepburn such a Style-Icon? What is so special about Audrey to really make her a Style Icon?
It was her acting career that started off Audrey's 'career' in fashion.
After her lead role in Roman Holiday, parts came flooding in and it was a chance for Audrey to become famous outside of acting. She was becoming known as a model and more and more designers were asking to work with her.
Between her new and refreshing individual style and the designers inventive new clothes, Audrey was a new kind of beauty, different from previous fashion icons before her.
Audrey continued to inspire women to change their the 30's flapper dresses (which may have been already banished during the war) and to be introduced to new and exciting fashions. Figure-hugging and flattering outfits were now in place and women were becoming freer to wear what they wanted to wear.
(And you wonder why I want to become a journalist!)

The Mood: Mid-century Princess (with a modern twist)
The Look: A Perfect Summer Wardrobe
How She Did It: Audrey used a much more contemporary and grounded during Roman Holiday, to create this look she used things such as -
Ponited Flats
Delicate leather lace-up sandals
Fitted Blouses
Bright Printed Silk Scarves
Belted Circle Skirts

The Mood: Ladylike Glamour
The Look: Lady-Of-The-Manor Chic
How She Did It: One of my favourite films, Audrey uses fabrics and skit-cuts to show her characters transformation throughout the film -
Lace Dresses
Monochrome Ribbon Trims
Tule Umbrellas
Wide-Brim Hats

The Mood: Modern Elegance
The Look: A New Kind of Classic
How She Did It: One of the most important films in fashion history, Breakfast At Tiffany's is one of the most influential and iconic films for the world of fashion.
Black Satin, Fitted Bodices
Little Black Givenchy Dresses
Statement Diamond Jewellery
Fitted, Simple Dresses

SABRINA - 1954
The Mood: Polished and Parisienne (One of my favourites!!)
The Look: Ultra-Chic and Classic
How She Did It: Audrey creates a magical transformation into a classically beautiful look by wearing things such as -
Cropped Trousers
Pleated Chiffon Hats
Black Satin, Cocktail Dresses with a Bottle Neck
Quilted Leather Ballet Pumps
(And of course) The Givenchy Dress

The Mood: Bohemian Romance
The Look: Evening-wear Romantic
How She Created It: Using classy clothes and some romantic touches, Hepburn finished off the mood with beautiful and romantic evening wear.
Black Turtlenecks
Cropped Skinny Black Jeans
Tomboy Taupe Trench Coats
(And of course) The Custom-Created Givenchy Vermillion Gown, finished off with white, long dress gloves.

The Mood: Swinging Sixties
The Look: Sixties Chic
How She Created It: Hepburn traded her originally regal dress for colour and fun in this now-sixties dress-style -
Tangerine Shirt-dresses
Bell-Shaped Skirts
Pink Shift Dress

I hope you enjoyed this blog-post!
Who's your Style Icon? Any requests for next time?
Have a lovely day and I'll see you later...

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