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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Hey Everyone,

You know how people say, '
I'm not gonna lie, if a book has a BEAUTIFUL cover that attracts my eye - I'm SO much more likely so pick up that book, take a look at it and probably end up adding it to my rather long TBR (To be read) list on My Goodreads - it's true! So after taking a lovely long look at my bookshelves (one of my favourite things to do) I realised that I've never actually REVIEWED any popular books - well, their covers anyway. So, ya - dats what I'm doing!
Let's get going...

Okay. At first, I thought yeah it is a pretty book cover, and I DO like it. Yes, you do have to read the book to get the gist of why the cover is what it is, but it's still a gorgeous cover that sits on my bookshelves with pride.

I've always had a soft spot for this book cover, I love the simplicity of it and how the blood is 3D (I'm a sucker for those little details). It's simple and eye-catching whilst still making a perfectly lovely (although lovely probably isn't the best word to use) book cover.

Honestly, there are SO many different covers for the Book Thief now, I'm super confused. I've got the film version, and I definitely prefer that one from the one above. There's nothing that sticks out as being really TERRIBLE about the cover, it's just a little - meh. I do love the fact she's dancing with death and the writing looks like her writing blah blah, but I just feel like...maybe there's something missing?

This is my favourite Divergent cover. I love how the rest of the trilogy fits with this first cover and how there's the fire - and it's all dramatic - and there's the city below. It's a nice cover. NICE - not fantastic. NICE.

I'm sorry but I don't like this book cover. I don't know why, and I don't think there's any particular REASON...I just don't like it. It gives away FAR too much of the story, you can literally guess what happens - in-fact it tells you what happens. Come on! Don't tell me what happens in the book! There's no point reading it then, is there?

I ADORE this cover. It's literally one of my favourite covers. It's simple, pretty and really makes me just...happy. I love how the title fills the cover and how the pleasant backdrop of Paris sits pretty-in-Pink. AGH I have the biggest soft spot EVER for this cover!!

This is literally (like Anna and the French Kiss - above) one of my FAVOURITE book covers of all time. It's so beautifully simple and the bright blue is gorgeous with the (also) bright white. I love how it looks painted and pretty, and is just like Jandy Nelson's other book (I'll Give you The Sun) in the fact is has a GORGEOUS cover. Yay!

This is the movie cover, and the cover I own. No, it's not particualry inspiring, but in a weird way I kinda like that. I kinda like how it's not about the cover with this book, it's about what's inside. Don't get me wrong I think if you want to make it about what's inside use a simple cover (like some of the ones above). I also like how it doesn't give too much away - always a bonus.

This is one of those covers that just IS beautiful. Maybe it's the covers, or the font, or the spacing, or the patterns - but it just IS beautiful. True facts my friends - true facts.

I hope you enjoyed this bookish blog-post!
What's your favourite book-cover? Why? Comment below!

Lots of love,

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