How To Get Out Of A Reading Slump (ugh)

Sunday, 7 January 2018

I have struggled with reading slumps. So many times. I'll be realllllly into reading, flying through book after book and then all of a sudden, none of my books interest me and I realise I've got no time to read. I'll be looking at my gorgeous bookshelf and not feel even the slightest bit motivated to pull any of them off! This can happen after a book I didn't enjoy, a book that's taken me ages to read or just because life's taken over. As someone who adores reading, I'd love to get riddddd of these annoying feelings as sooooon as possible. So I thought I would share with any reader out there who struggle with reading slumps - the the things I do to kickstart reading all over again.

Reread a book you love
If you're struggling to find motivation to pick up a book, pick one up you know you'll love. My go-to books are the Harry Potter series (whose isn't?!) or any Jandy Nelson book. These never fail to get me back into reading and definitely reminds me of how much I love reading and those incredible characters. It alsoooo inspires my to pick up more books and continue my winning streak.

Set yourself goals
I am one of those people who has to finish every book I start. Even it's boring or not my style - I have to finish it. It's probably the fear of missing out on a good ending. We all love a good ending. And it's a real struggle to pick it up and continue - so setting myself goals is helpful! Whether your goal is to read one chapter a day or finish the book by the end of your week. Whatever it is, doing things like this help you to finish the book quicker. There is motivation to finish the goal, rather than to read the book. If you want to read more but aren't that big on reading, set yourself a goal to read something like a chapter a day - it can help so muchhh. Hey and if you end up beating that goal by reading two or three chapters?

Read a shorter book
Reading longggggg book can be stressful and a bit too much a commitment. Picking up a book you know you'll finish quickly will also help to get you back into reading. There's no point choosing a huge-great-big-bible-like-book can make it feel like it will never end. Because half the time they just don't ennddddd.

Take part in a read-a-long
One thing you can do is buddy-up with a fellow reader and read the book together. Compete - who can finish it first? Message every so often, catching eachother up on how far you are and what your favourite parts are. I've always loved sharing what I think of books and getting to chat about my favourite characters - so try doing it as you go with someone who's experiencing the same thing at the same time.

Listen to an audiobook
If you're reallllly not into picking up a book any time soon, try an audiobook. I've never actually listened to one myself (oops I'm all about those physical books) but I really like the idea of audiobooks. You can listen to them whenever, wherever and you can probably get through any book sooooo much quicker. They're a great way to get into reading if you aren't.

What's your favourite way to end a reading slump?

Lots of love,


  1. Love this! Been stuck in such a slump recently!

    I've just posted my first blog - x