5 Italian Spots To Visit This Valentine's Day

Sunday, 11 February 2018


Okay, okay yeh we get it guys. It's Valentine's Day season - WE GET IT. But lucky for me, this year I'm celebrating Galentines day with my girlfriendssss. GIRL POWER LADIESSSS.
But if you are alone this valentine's day and are looking for a few gorgeous and romantic Italian spots to fall in love with yourself or you loved one all over again in the sunshine - here are my top picks.

Best known for its Shakespearean associations, Verona attracts an incredible host of international tourists into its pretty piazzas and maze-like streets, most in search of Romeo, Juliet and all dat. But beyond hear-shaped cliche's and Renaissance romance, Verona has a gorgeous city centre bustling with life and centered around a well-preserved 1st-century amphitheatre - the centre for the city's annual summer festival. Overall, Verona shapes up to be one of Italy's most attractive and romantic cities just a hop-skip-and-jump away from the stunning Lake Garda. 
In the picture below you can see the props used for the opera!

Imagine stunning higgldy-piggldy houses resting on a layer of marble upon a deep lagoon. The beautiful Grand Canal, reflects the glorious Venetian architecture lining its banks. At the end of Venice's signature waterway, the Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale add to the sheer amazement of it all. But down the narrow back streets lie neighbourhood churches, priceless marble and Tiepolo's glimpses of heaven on ceilings.

Milan is Italy's city of the future, a fast-paced luxury city where looking good is a given, after-work drinks are compulsory and creativity is bigggg business. Ruled by Caesars, Napoleon and Mussolini - Milan has an ancient and fascinating cultural history. The Duomo di Milano is at the very beating heart of this great city, so indulge and join in the glamour and glitz for a touch of la vita moda (the stylish life.)

Deemed an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, the Amalfi Coast is one of Italy's most gorgeous destinations. Here, mountains plunge into the sea and fabled towns read like a Hollywood cast list. There's jet-set favourites like Positano, spritz-sipping pin-ups, sun-kissed sunbathers and pastel-coloured cascades of chic boutiques. Turquoise seas and postcard-perfect piazzas aside, the region is also home to some of Italy's finest hotels and restaurants.
 (not my picture)

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

Lots of love,

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