How To Practice Self Love (naw)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


It's Valentine's Day soon and whether you're celebrating with your better half or your best friends, there's one person we often forget to appreciate and spend some quality time with. Yup, it's cringe - but you. Yourself. Self-love people.

The world often seems to forget that looking after yourself is just as important as looking after others. Putting others first can be generous and selfless, but every-so-often it's important to spend some quality time with yourself and just check in. I'm not saying be selfish. Selfishness isn't good. But spending a few minutes or half-an-hour every day to look after yourself (and yeah, maybe being a teeny-weeny bit selfish) is important.
Side note - yeah, you can buy yourself something fancy and expensive, but these ideas are a little more chilled.

Fresh Flowers
It might seem a little insignificant, or even dumb, but buying yourself some fresh flowers (or cacti if that's more your thing) for yourself, is a nice gesture and a way of introducing fresh flowers into your home. Scientifically, flowers actually clear the air in your home, making it fresher and more healthy for you. Ya see, flowers make you happier and healthier! Stop and the smell the roses x

Sit on Swings
Okay, so this one might sound a little dumb too. But on a sunny day, grab your best buddies (awwww) and head over to a sunny park with a few of your favourite snacks (hello Ben and Jerry's). I love swings, they're fun, chilled and will remind you of being a kid again.

Meditation isn't just sitting on a fancy cushion crossed-legged and humming. Nuh-huh. Meditation can be anything that calms you and brings you back down to earth. It might be going for a walk, having a bubble bath or learning something new like a language. Or, yeah, it might be meditating traditionally, if you plan on doing that download an app like Calm. I looove it.

Tidy and Clean Up
Yeah, yeah - for most of us tidying and cleaning isn't fun. But just spend half-an-hour or an hour, cleaning and tidying up and you'll realise how calming it is. Put on some tunes, and dance around whilst sorting out your life. It works.

Read a Book
Books are best - find one that's good for your soul, avoid anything super-trashy - you wanna look after yourself and learn something. I loooooove books :)

Self love is all about finding time for youself. A little me time.
To put it simply - look after yourself. Because you're fabulous and important.

Lots of love,


  1. nawww, just reading this made me feel all warm and fuzzy :))

    1. Aw thanks for the lovely comment babe! Self-love is sooooooooooo important xo