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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Yayyy. Music is the best and this year I've chosen to explore music a little more. Over the past two months I've been looking into more artists, more albums and more random tracks and it's ALLLL gone onto my Spotify Playlists. I love discovering new artists with different sounds and styles. So here's a breakdown of all the artists, albums and lone songs I've been bopping along to recently.

Harry Styles
OKAY CALM DOWN! No, I was never a Directioner (even though I did watch them in concert twice?) but after a recent look further into his INCREDIBLE new album and a trip to London to see his new tour - I'm a little obsessed. Alternative Pop meets rock in this whirlwind album. Okay, so it's not everyone's cup o' tea buttttt this album has become one of my favourites. Love songs, chill ballads and some beautifullll headbangers.

Sleeping At Last
A chilled band who mainly focus on covers, I'm lovin' some of their pieces at the moment. I haven't particularly been obsessed with any of their original songs, but their covers are emotional and gorgeous. Rainbow Connection and Chasing Cars are some of my favourite songs that they've taken and made completely their own with piano instrumentals and soft vocals.

Next Town Down
My boisssss. A band I discovered on Youtube a while ago, I've been obsessed with their covers, evolution-artist videos and even their R&B original work. A confident and chilled group of boys who met on social media, I adore their unique sound and perfectly trained blend of harmony.

James Bay
MY FAAAVE. I've been completely addicted to James Bay from day one and all the hinting and sneaky revelations on his Instagram have just made me turn back to his old album and fall in love all over again. Songs I will never get out of my head and forever want to listen to, it doesn't matter who you are or what mood you're in - James Bay will always be relevant and have the perfect tunes to listen to.

Rainbow - Kesha
This albummmmmmm oh myyy. Honestly, I haven't been listening to every song on repeat - but Pray, Women and Hymn are just a few I can't get out of my head. Such a moving and emotional album, each song is a metaphorical whirlwind of passion and pride. I love it.

JP Cooper - Raised Under Grey Skies
Perfectly perfect - I've been a fan of JP Cooper since the very beginning when he supported Ella Henderson all those years ago. An incredible performer live and a wonderful lyricist, each and every song is moving and creative with wonderful, magical melodies and incredibly emotional lyrics.

George Ezra - Staying at Tamara's
I've waited for four years for thisssss. Such a contrasting album there's everything on this thing. Calm ballads juxtapose alternative dance tunes - whatever you need or any mood, I promise you it's on this story-like album.

Sam Smith - The Thrill Of It All
Yayyyy. This album brings out the gospel singer in all of us. Each song builds and brings in a choir until you'll either be crying or strutting about in your highest heels. This is a feel-good, heart-wrenching album. Have a good cry and break out your inner-diva and enjoy.

Retrospect - Vistas
I could dance about to this feel-good tune until the cows come home. Wooooo.

Cupid - The Big Moon
Now this is a TUNE. I love this hyped-up banger. I'm loving this all-female band too, but need to do a little more research and listening until I can call myself a fan :)

Wall Of Glass - Liam Gallagher
I'm in no way a Liam Gallagher fan (Oasis I AM a fan of), but Liam's new music I've been a bit meh about apart from a few tracks. Like Wall Of Glass. Woweeee it's such a great songggg.

What music have you been lovin' at the mo?

Lots of love,

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