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Saturday, 3 February 2018

SKINCARE siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

I can't lie, me and skincare have not been the best of friends. But over the past few weeks (thanks to a shiny new year) me and skincare have finally become friends.
The wintry months have made my skin a dry, spotty mess - and thanks so some great new products and a lovely new routine my skins clean and getting healthier.
Oh, and here's a quick top tip: the trick is to keep it simple and fresh - the more complicated and fancy you make your routine the less likely you are to do it. Fact.

Without a doubt I always start by grabbing a Micellar water (usually the Garnier or Nivea one) and giving my face a good cleanse. Wiping away a days makeup is sooo satisfying and cleansing is just a nice chance to give my skin a quick refresh after a long day. The Nivea one feels a little dry, but it does it's job and its soooo good with eye makeup.

Thanks to a lovely new facial scrub by Neutrogena, my dry skins disappearing and my black heads are almost vanished. Okay, so it's not an overnight process and there are probably better scrubs out there - but after a quick cleanse, a deep scrub just makes my face feel all clean and natural.

I get wayyy too over excited with face masks to just pick one as a favourite. Every week or two when I finally find the time to pop one on, I like to switch it up to what I feel I need. Whether it's a deep cleanse or a light moisturising one - my advice is to mix it up and keep it simple. Im liking the simple one for a little bit of moisture and the Superdrug ones for a deep cleanse.

I literally never knew have importanttttt this step is. After putting your skin through so much, a slightly heavier moisturiser will soothe your skin. I've seriously been suffering with dry skin at the mo, so a fresh moisturiser is liiiiiife. My favourite at the mo is the Neutrogena one - the grapefruit scent is gorgeous, it's a little heavier but it's doing wondersssssss - would recommend.

And that's it. Keep it simple and fresh.
Okay, so my skins not perfect but it HAS improved and despite the daily stress of school blah blah, it's still been improving and my skincare routine's FINALLY a routine.

Lots of love,

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