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Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Spring is finally upon us (woohoo) and England better not have any more snow - I need a tan! And Spring means floral scents, light and fresh candles and a whole host of sparkling highlighters (I mean, who doesn't love a good highlight??) Since this sunny season began I've been looking into a whole new host of products and today I'd thought I'd do a classic 'Beauty Favourites' blog-post (you can't beat the classics am I right?)

Golden Highlighters
I looooove golden, luminous highlighters that reflect the Spring sunshine. In the odd flatlays you can see the 'Sleek Highlighter Palette - Cleopatra's Kiss', my current favourite. It's a little metallic whilst still giving a natural, sparkling glow. The palette includes two SUPER luxurious cream highlighters and two GORGEOUS powder highlighters. Perfect for Spring-time, trust me ;)

Calming Candles
For me, Spring is all about a being peace and rejuvenation. It's a time for Spring cleans, clam revision and days in the not-so-sweltering sunshine. In the pictures you can see the 'Madagascan Vanilla Candle' from Primark. Primark candles might burn a little candle, but they're super inexpensive and for the season ahead they've release a whole host of new scents including this stunning Vanilla scent. I love refreshing calm scents for Spring-time, nothing too sweet or heavy !

Floral Scents
I've be obsessssssed with floral scents. Okay - it is a little cliche, but warm, natural scents perfectly reflect springtime and I'm in love. Marc Jacobs does some incredible scents perfect for Springtime, but my current favourite has to be 'Zara's Eau De Toilette - Black Amber'. This is their gorgeous Spring edition and yup - I'm in love.

Tinted Sunglasses
So sunglasses don't strictly come under the 'beauty' category, but they good in the flatlay okay! Since first discovering this blue pair in a Primark in Portugal (random I know) me and tinted sunglasses have gotton on just fine. I recently picked up another orange pair and am soon to order a pink and yellow pair - so the collection's growing. They're soooo much more fun than normal sunglasses and give an edgy, high-fashion look to any outfit. I really do love them.

What are your Spring favourites?

Lots of love,


  1. I haven't read the sun and her flowers yet, but I hear it's good! Great post, loved reading.

    Shann Eileen |

    1. Aw thank you for the lovely comment, it's such a beautifulllll book - I'd definitely recommend it xo

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  3. That sleek palette looks perfect!