The Tinted Sunglasses Trend

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


The days are finally getting longer and the sun is getting just that little bit brighter. And you know what that means - sunglass season is upon us and I could not be more thrilled as they continue to be one of my all-time favourite ways to accessorise and outfit. Sunnies are always a definite for me now that sun is shining - they can elevate a look in an instant adding a pop of colour, another geometric shape or maybe just making your outfit that bit more daring, mysterious and certainly polished.
Plus, sunglasses photograph exceptionally well on me and in flat-lays. I always make sure to pick up a pair when I'm planning an afternoon of snapping flatlays or a day of street style photography.

I've collected so many over the years but wanted to share the form of sunglasses that has been trending for FOREVER. Yes, since the decade that gave us denim-overalls, spaghetti-strap crop tops and hot-pink eye-shadow (I'm talking about the 90's in-case you didn't get that) these sunglasses have been being bought by every It-Girl, fashion guru and street-style icon.

Tinted lenses are simple so much fun to play around with and can reallyyyyy accent an outfit. You can use them as a little pop of colour or maybe even match then with the entirety of your outfit to create a full monochromatic look (c'est chic.) With this trend you're pretty much safe however you choose to style them - basically.

If you have yet to add coloured lens sunglasses to your collection, I highly suggest giving them a go this spring and summer season! From yellow to pale blue, the colour options are endless. Step outside your comfort zone - I'm obsessed! I just knooooow I'll be wearing all through the spring and summer of 2018 :)

''This summer it's all about bright, bold colours and eyewear is not exception. From neon frames to electric-blue lenses, making a statement with your sunglasses has been in from the 90's and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.''

What do you think of the tinted sunglasses trend?

Lots of love,


Sunglasses featured:
Blue Lenses - Primark
Yellow & Red lenses - 'John Lennon' Glasses taken from Amazon
Burnt Orange Lenses - New Look

Other items featured:
Secrets For The Mad by Dodie 
Vogue on Givenchy
Fragrance: Botanico by Next