A Love Letter To Live Music || #LetTheMusicPlay

Saturday, 12 September 2020


Once, whilst walking out of school I spoke to a girl about concerts, I’d recently seen Bruno Mars and she asked whether live music was worth the money or not. I smiled, telling her that listening to a musician over Spotify or on the radio wasn’t the same as seeing them live. Live, they were not only right in front of you, dancing wildly and sweating profusely, but there was a crowd of people enveloping you, all belting out the same four-minute song they’ve carried with them since their first listen, drowning in strobe lighting and stamping their feet until their legs are numb.

I went to my first concert aged nine. Since then I’ve gone to hundreds, probably spending thousands on tickets and even more on travel expenses. Concerts, shows, gigs - whatever you call them, they’re the best place in the world. Sure, the Trevi Fountain in Rome is heavenly, the Eiffel Tower an architectural masterpiece and the Great Pyramids awe-inspiring, but nothing - nothing at all - can trump that freeing, flying, eternal feeling of live music.

Bass thumps from ceiling-high speakers, bodies move as a mass when the drums kick in, screams of joy burst from lungs as the artist leaps into LED light. Suddenly the pressure of school exams dissolves and the worries of a bleak love life melt like candy floss on the tongue. Your only focus is dancing until your limbs are lifeless and singing until your throat is raw.  

I miss live music more than anything. More than the pop-corn smell of the cinema, more than the touch of fabrics in a thrift shop, more than the taste of a salty halloumi burger at my favourite restaurant.
A concert offers one evening, or perhaps (if you’re lucky) an entire day, to forget and breathe. You’ll deliberate for hours on an outfit, slap on too much mascara, line your stomach with carbs and shake with excitement as you head to the venue. The line outside will be long and humming with energy, you’ll assess the demographic and squeal with your companion every time you take a step closer to the entrance. Your heart will squeeze with anticipation when they scan your ticket, you’ll race to your spot, examining those closest to you, and for just a few hours everybody inside that room becomes soul-mates. You each bring with you the silent burden of everyday life and the infinitely personal memories attached to each and every chord - but these are softened beneath the rich bass guitar. Finally you are unshackled from those everyday anxieties as you sing together, dance together - are together.

My favourite part of a concert is the moment when the singer stops singing, when the music continues to play and a crowd of one-hundred, one-thousand, one-hundred-thousand sing as the most powerful choir in history. The musicians look out to the dark crowd with wonder. You pause in the middle of the chorus to hear everyone. The floor shakes a little. You’ll never see most of these people again.

Concerts offer us a small time frame to realise that we’re all human beings with complex emotions and unstable histories. We’re all human beings who find a common ground in this one band, singer, group. When the world is falling apart,  music has always been a glue to pull shattered pieces together again. 
There’s no sense of when concerts will resume. I suppose we’ll just have to watch back the blurry videos on our phones, login to Instagram live streams and pray for the day when people can be together like that again - singing, dancing, flying.




Lots of love,


  1. I am sad too that live music is out right now. We are supposed to see a band in October but I'm sure it will be cancelled. Hoping things change soon!


  2. I was just watching my favourite artist old concerts on YouTube. I think it's a weekend routing for me now because I cant even think of going to a concert due to the pandemic. I miss the live band most especially and the vibes of a concert. The drums, guitar, sax......
    I cant wait for the pandemic to be over....


  3. Concerts are such a magical experience for music lovers. I hope we can get back to them at some point.

  4. I agree there's nothing quite like live music, I never really know if I like an artist until I've heard a live version, even better if I've been able to see it. I've really missed the festival season this year, I hope we get it back in 2021 x


  5. It has been so sad that live music has been stopped. Music can be so powerful and healing and that's exactly what we need at this time.

  6. I miss live music too 😢Not just concerts, but even just gatherings where we can all share and enjoy music together!


  7. I miss live music too, going to concert was my fav activity in summer!


  8. Oh yes missing live music! :)

    have a great weekend


  9. I hope soon everything will be back to normal!

  10. Music is always a great idea!!;) HAve a nice day dear! xx

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  11. Such a shame that live music is suspended right now! The atmosphere at a concert is amazing!
    Julia x

  12. I love live music and I miss concerts a lot...



  13. I love live music! I genuinely miss it so much!


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  15. Man I miss live music so much! It was such a wonderful experience to witness things like this, I cannot wait to do it again in the future.

    Amy x wandering-everywhere.com

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  20. I used to live for live music! I am sad that my daughter hasn't experienced live music yet! Have a great week!
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