Where do you live and how old are you?
Just outside of Bristol, United Kingdom. I'm a teenager just about to face GCSEs!! :0

Is Grace Louise your real name?
Yes! Louise is my middle name :)

Is blogging your full-time job?
No, I'm still a student taking exams, so school is still my full-time job and I also work as a waitress at a local cafe on the weekends :) x

What do you study at GCSEs?
I study English (Lit and Lang), Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Religious Education, History, Geography, Textiles, Performing Arts and French.

What do you take pictures on?
I mostly take my own pictures on my iPhone or iPad, however if my friends or family are taking pictures of me they'll usually shoot on their own phone, so it can vary.

How do you edit your photos?
I use Google Drive/Photos to organise and all of my pictures and I use the apps: PicsArt, HUJI Cam, Lomograph, Instagram and VHS Cam to edit.

Who takes your pictures?
Mostly I take my own pictures, but if the pictures are of me it's usually my fab sister Olivia or wonderful friends Thea and May.

What are you writing at the moment?
As always I've decided to my life as complicated as possible and am writing loads of different books all at different stages - check out their Pinterest boards! If you'd like to hear more about my writing, comment on my latest blog-post requesting for a post and I'd love to do one soon! x

What tips would you give for someone just about to start a blog?
DON'T QUIT, it might seem like a simple job, but after a while you'll start to realise just how much work goes into each and every blog post. If you really do enjoy having a blog, don't quit! There will be times where you're bored and confused and you just feel like giving up but don't quit, it's honestly the best piece of advice I can give.
I would also say don't be afraid to experiment with the way your blog, your posts and your pictures look and are created - eventually you'll find a style you'll love and once you have that be consistent in your posting. Apart from that I'd say: stay engaged with your audience (replying to comments etc), talk about topics you love, learn (don't copy) from other bloggers and ask for feedback from readers, friends and family - blogging is a constant learning process :) x

If you've got any more questions feel free to comment on my latest blog post or visit my about page (you might find your answer there!)

Lots of love,